Elizabeth Vince - New Music "Introducing"


Thanks to my good friend Phill at Tru Luv for this discovery. Manchester's Elizabeth Vince who has just released her debut solo EP, Our Loving Cage (available now via Bandcamp and iTunes).

I'll start with the track that Phill put me on to, "I Was All I Was", a sparse, spellbinding beauty in the dark that murmurs with a similar sense of eeriness to Chelsea Wolfe's "Movie Screen". A gorgeously hypnotic listen full of chilled, haunted atmosphere, trip hop-esque beats and a soft and forlorn vocals. EP Opener "Keep A Light Doubt" similarly creeps around dark, ambient textures, twinkling electronics and ghost-like, spectral wanderings.

The melancholic, emotive vibe of "Alone" brings Portishead thoughts to mind with layers of vocals and pared-down beats whilst the EP closes on the title track, where a brooding build-up of choral harmony and rhythmic beats climax with soaring emotion that inspires the heart and soul.

Our Loving Cage is the sort of EP that begs to be heard on a good pair of headphones with the lights out. Go and do that now...

Gaps #2 - She Bears A Flower


I can't believe it's as long ago as February 2013 that I last mentioned Brighton duo GAPS here after a handful of delicious demos introduced their minimalist and ethereal soundscapes to a growing number of plaudits and fans.

They return with "She Bears A Flower", an enchanting rediscovery of their subtle, natural sounding magnetism, weaving a never rushed tapestry of beautiful, mystical instrumentation and sensual vocals together with sumptuous, intoxicating results.

"She Bears A Flower" is released on 1st December via Sexbeat Records. Watch the similarly otherworldly video accompaniment below:

The Hanged Man #2 - Into The Night


The Hanged Man, Rebecka Rolfart, follows the heady "First Time Dreaming" with the equally enrapturing "Into The Night", which similarly and perhaps expectedly is another creature of the night. 

The track, a darkly hued cinematic beauty is both alluring and full of malice with Rebecka's icy cool vocal gliding over a seductive, glistening synth groove and echoey drum pad beats. The sort that slowly, surely creeps its way up your spine and leaves you tingling with a feeling that you can't quite work out is good or fear...

An EP First Quarter Moon is due November 10 via Kning Disk/Telegram Studios on limited 12” vinyl and digital

Vök - Tension


Icelandic trio Vök, undiscovered by me until yesterday (with 6.5k followers on Facebook, not by you it seems) when I came across the track I'm writing about below, have instantly intoxicated my mind with the misty, alluring beauty of "Tension", the title track to an EP that is released via MuseBox Records.

At first play you'd think the track is a sexy XX styled slow-jam, with dreamy, glacial synths swirling around twinkling melody but gradually edgier, more atmospheric layers are unveiled which hint at the band wanting to take The Knife's sadly departed throne, warbling, metallic synths and mystical electronic glitches colliding with an emotive, tension-filled vocal. It's dramatic and deadly, deadly beautiful. 

Grace - New Music "Introducing"


October 16th, Australia day on the blog, the third offering from Down Under today comes from another brand new name, the debut track by Grace (although it does appear an album was released in Australia as long as ago as 2010). 

The song, "Pluto", is a sparsely backed, noir-pop track which introduces a striking, haunting vocal full of darkly-hued, brooding menace which rise to soaring choruses full of instrumentation and rousing cries. You may not be surprised to hear it's produced by TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek, no a bad place to turn for a 'debut' offering...

Gordi - New Music "Introducing"


Another Australian artist now, Gordi aka Sydney based 21 year old Sophie Payten and her debut track “Nothing’s As It Seems”. An intoxicating, timeless beauty that's already picked up some mighty plaudits - I'd like to add myself to that list (not that I'm mighty).

Gently melodic, always breezy guitars and minimal synths skitters provide the sparse back-drop to a track that could have been written at any point over the last forty years, Gordi's ethereal vocal sounding both gorgeously enchanting and emotional vulnerable throughout on a track that lets in both dark and light, the wistful nature perfectly summed up by it's losing lyrics "Carry on just for a while, you get lost and hurry, can you see it now?, that nothing's as it seems somehow".

All eyes on track two.