Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Lazy Day #2 - Oldest Friend


When I called Tilly Scantlebury's Lazy Day 'hypnotic guitar riffs and sumptuous, magnetic vocals' on her debut track "With My Mind" little did I know they'd be another track following that perhaps exceeds the first.

"Oldest Friend" is the latest release from the London based artist (to be found on the upcoming Beech Coma compilation tape - already sold-out but available digitally via bandcamp) and weaves its way into your conscious with ease. As mid-paced guitar jangles ring around Tilly's dreamy vocals you are immediately entranced, her luxurious voice immersing you within the luscious, cascading melody that builds with increased layers of harmony and volume. Spellbinding, as ever.

Live shows to follow, you will want to be there.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Palms on Fire #2 - Cars


Four years ago I came across the Russian band Palms on Fire and since seemingly forgot about them (sorry!). It happens to us all I am sure, there are hundreds and hundreds of acts and only one of me. I cannot remember everyone, nor continually listen to every band I feature here with my limited free time...

Back to Palms of Fire, it seems I have totally missed a 2012 release by the band but return with the recently released EP Cars. A release which sees the trio/quartet adopt a fresh, carefree approach to indie pop and results in four soft-focus tracks full of quirky pop sensibilities and delicate yet moreish tunes.

"Sun Is Over My House" opens with a funk-laden groove and sun-kissed swagger full of the pastel coloured nostalgia of youth, whimsical and romantic throughout with Anna Kislova's sincere, softening vocals melting hearts along the way. The title-track "Cars" follows a more traditional arrangement with cascading guitars and fast-paced bass rhythms over bright synth washes and graceful vocals.

There's more goodies though, "Suitcase"opens with theses game-boy esque synth loops and progresses with the same lovely/pure elements that made the EP stand out, whilst closing track "Two Hearts" is the sweetest, catchiest moment of surf-pop on the release. If you are searching for refreshing yet simple tunes that can do little but make you raise a smile, Cars is for you.

There is a very limited CD run on the EP available now via Dufflecoat Records or digitally from the band themselves.

The Mites - Wash Away


Heading way back in time on my email submissions folder now, August is normally a pretty quiet time for new releases and that seems to be the case again this year (there are of course exciting new tracks still coming through and I'm featuring them as I discover them).

Austin, Texas trio The Mites released "Wash Away" as long ago as last December and an email was promptly starred in my inbox, yet it's taken me some eight months to re-discover it, I'm a bit crap like that. The band have been quiet since April on their Facebook so hopefully I'm not writing about a band whom no longer exist, a promised Spring 2014 album certainly seems not to have materialised...

Anyway, "Wash Away" is great. A track that ticks pretty much all of my boxes, there's a luscious, soft vocal filled with romantic nostalgia and a melody that is awash with fuzzy/chiming guitars and strong, consistent drums. They entwine together perfectly and the result is a simple, pure moment of sun-kissed beauty. It's certainly suits a summer listen better than a pre-Christmas one, perhaps I came back to it at the right time...

"Wash Away" is available now on a pay-what-you-like basis - via Bandcamp.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Curxes #7 - Valkyrie


Hope you've got hold of your hat because it's likely to be blown off now... the fabulous Curxes released their new single today and it's an absolute corker...

"Valkyrie" is (and this is saying something) the duo's most bonkers three minutes yet, commanding your complete attention with a no-holds barred combination of clattering rhythms, distorted beats and a monstrous vocal that grabs you firmly in its grip and refuses to let go. It's not just crazy noise though, the track is fun and completely addictive too. You probably weren't expecting anything less.

Curxes debut LP Verxes is promised soon. "Valkyrie" is available now via Bandcamp.

Manon Meurt - New Music "Introducing"


I discovered Czech quartet Manon Meurt a couple of months back thanks to Bandcamp discoverer and then added them to my 'to listen to' pile, it's something I am seemingly doing at an ever increasing amount but a quick catch-up listen to their debut EP over the weekend was enough to make me quickly catapult the band to the top of my posting list...

Opening track "To Forget" is a stunner, an epic quiet/loud shoegaze beauty which reminds me of the sadly quiet Fountains' "Easily Led" in places, a marriage of wistfully cooed vocals and bright glistening guitar textures with a fuzzy rhythm guitar which builds to a heady climax of instrumental noise.

The EP is six tracks deep and combines blissful, never-hurried dreampop beauties such as "94" and "Blue Bird" (another track which grows to dark, brooding conclusions) with the lighter, poppier structure of the wonderful "Glowing Cityscape", a brilliant, sparkling track propelled by wonderful guitar work and a precise drum beat. The vocals never falter throughout, soft and transcendent, this EP, simply, is the sort of release shoegaze has needed for a couple of years now.

Manon meurt is available now via Bandcamp. I've seen a picture of a vinyl release but haven't found a link to buy it anywhere - let me know if you have one and I'll add here. Update - it seems you can buy the vinyl here. My Czech isn't too hot but 250 Czech Koruna is just over £7 plus shipping so you cannot complain about that!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Tennis #8 - I'm Callin

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Tennis follow the super "Never Work For Free" with the second track taken from their forthcoming LP Ritual in Repeat, "I'm Callin". A track which confirms the bands shift to from the intimate lo-fi sounds of their debut to gorgeous 80's swoon-pop.

Here, Alaina Moore's candy-sweet vocals glitter right at the centre of the mix amongst a disco groove bass rhythm, breathy harmonies and luscious instrumentation, it. It's the sort of track that Madonna would have taken to the top of the charts twenty years ago.

I really like this band, I seem to find myself writing about pretty much every single they put out. I can't say much more positive than that. Listen below: