Bully - Brainfreeze


Happy Friday kids. Time for some high-tempo pop-punk right? Well, lucky for you then that Bully are here to take you back to the 90's (although it's close to the stage when that phrase is incorrect with Internet readership who never experienced it in the first place - argh old age!) with the guitar heavy "Brainfreeze", a fuzzy, infectious addition to the grunge revival with hooks and sugary vocals that certainly hit the sweet spots. 

The other song I came across from the Nashville quartet's self-titled EP is "Milkman", it takes the pace up a dozen more notches, a storming, breathless shrill pop monster that is poppy yet viciously rocking at the same time and wraps up within two minutes. It would be greedy to ask for more than that...

Adria - New Music "Introducing"


When I first heard "Pull Me Under", the debut track from Australian songstress Adria I thought 'wow, that's going to have thousands of plays within hours'. Twenty four hours later it's still on a couple of hundred. What does that mean? Who knows but I am increasingly of the volition that exposure on the bigger pages of online press is increasingly a case of who you know and what strings you can pull rather than talent of the musician(s) involved. Which in itself is a bit of a shame of course, personally I don't give a damn where I discover music, this blog (like many others I know and follow) simply posts the music that I like, hence the simplistic title of the site. The only excuse I can give them is volume, I get hundred more songs a week than I could ever listen to, those with audiences much bigger than this, probably thousandsStill their loss and all... 

The track, as I've adhered to already is a knock-out. The minimal, pulsating synth undercurrent that forms the heartbeat of the track and Adira's smooth, smoky voice live in a similarly dark, edgy realm of Lana's Ultraviolence, captivating through its rich, haunting melody and a smoldering voice that grips you from first note to last.

I didn't mean for this to get a bit ranty, it's been a long day. Go and listen to this stunning track below and add Adria to your 'ones to watch' columns now... "Pull Me Under" is available November 24th via iTunes.

Colleen Green – Pay Attention


I arrived late to Colleen Green, in the middle of this year when she featured in a video for Space Daze's wonderful summer anthem "Line Up on the Solstice". After Danny had recommended Colleen's music to me I was compelled to her debut Sock It To Me a spin. I soon found myself immediately drawn to a punchy blend of sweetly hummed fuzz-pop and later  made sure I saw Colleen supporting EMA at the Garage. A no-nonsense set of short, raw grunge-pop tracks that left hearts aflutter.

The chance to rekindle my love hasn't taken too long, yesterday Colleen's second album I Want To Grow Up was announced via Hardly Art for a February 2015 release, the streaming of lead track "Pay Attention" indicates that little has changed apart from an additional studio sheen and the accompaniment of some bigger, bombastic instruments. Perhaps her drum machine has finally been laid to rest? The track is instant, a catchy, scuzzy power pop anthem that does exactly the opposite of the opening line, holds you attention throughout..

Parrot Dream - New Music "Introducing"


Delving into my inbox next for a rather lovely introduction, Parrot Dream, a NYC based quartet whom instantly won me over with their debut single "Come Home", a sumptuous introduction to the melodic indie-pop soundscapes that can be found fully on their debut six track EP Set Sail Someday - available now and free via the bands own website.

"Come Home" is a glorious, if perhaps more suited for a summer, discovery with tropical guitar rhythms, warming synths and airy vocals combining to fill you in a dreamy, soothing beauty. Something that could also be said for perhaps the finest track on the release "Queen of Hearts", certainly the crisp, melodic instrumentation and swooning melody gives Christina Appel the chance to extend her gorgeous honeyed voice, dealing in a similar shiny, sunny pop realms to Tennis at their chiming best,

Here, Parrot Dream introduce a sound that fits perfectly with those of us looking for a charming, sparkling listen. Go find out for yourself below.

Powder Blue #3 - Feel It


A very much welcome back to Powder Blue, one of the undoubted discoveries of May's Great Escape Festival (although I had written about them twice prior, the two shows I caught in Brighton served as the perfect arena to fall smitten for the Canadian band who appear, from the included press photo, to have undergone a couple of line-up changes and are now a trio).

"Feel It" arrives some six months later, the first song taken from a forthcoming six track EP II which will be self-released on December 8th and instantly makes me fall in love all over again, another simmering psyche rock epic with a slow-burn maze of swirling guitars hypnotising around beautiful, hazy vocals and big, punishing beats. It's very much the sort of thing that has been filling these pages for over five years now.

The good news doesn't end there with a two week long European tour announced to accompany the release, kicking off at London's Surya on December 2nd - full dates.

CAFUNÉ - New Music "Introducing"


I've always been too miserable (and am now too old to boot) to have been pushed along in a shopping trolley like the accompanying picture to the debut track from NYC duo CAFUNÉ (Sedona Schat and Noah Yoo) but I imagine it to be very much like the infectious, pulse-racing brilliance of "Letting Go"...

There's no slow build up or plaintive stories of lost love here, instead "Letting go" of your ex is turned into a joyous, exuberant anthem. It takes all of two seconds to hear the first blast of the tracks catchy chorus "do you have trouble with letting go" swirling and turning effortlessly around game boy synths and a wonderful, surging guitar riff. Your brain won't allow you to forget this in a hurry...

The track is downloadable from the soundcloud link below.

The Night VI #6 - Fears


Armed with a voice that could make singing the phone book sound beautiful, The Night VI's vocalist Sophia-Rose Harper is perfectly placed to deliver a devastating torchlight ballad and that's exactly what "Fears", the latest track taken from their newly released EP DIY is (a release set to be launched on Friday with a show at Camden's Stillery - details).

The sweetly played harp and gentle ringing guitar melody that backs her vocal is the perfect accompaniment for the softly sung lullaby, as intimate and soothing as we've the sextet, hitting straight at your emotions with a lament of fragile hearts and broken love. Tissues at the ready...

Alma Este - New Music "Introducing"


"Heart Melter" is the name of the debut track from Parisian Alma Este and it is just that, a big, instant pop song that blends the synthetic overtures of the Drive soundtrack with the swooning, luxurious voice of London Grammar's Hannah Reid.

The result is as good as it sounds (obviously, if you are into the aforementioned's sounds), undoubtedly a torchlight anthem "Heart Melter" is a shiny, emotive beauty with lovesick lyrics, a powerhouse chorus and propulsive beats.

Amongst an over growing sea of electro pop anthems, this still sounds fresh and thrilling. A new talent is born. "Heart Melter" is due on 7" vinyl via new London based label Hand in Hive, you can pre-order one here.