Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Jagaara #3 - Heartbeats

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I've written about flip side the Jagaara's debut single "Faultline" already but it's digital release (available via iTunes) comes coupled with the release of a video for the singles other track "Heartbeats", a hazy beauty which is only going to heighten those UK Haim comparisons but now adds in a luscious, smooth Warpaint groove for added gloss and goosebumps.

As I said, "Heartbeats" is more chilled, ambient affair than the shimmering "Faultline" but continues to weave the sister's tight harmonies around sparse, polished melodies, here delicate bass and flickering electronics. which gradually shifts from guitars to restained, atmospheric electronics.

I missed their headlining show last week due to an Angel Olsen sized clash and cannot make tomorrow's second one either but some of you may be lucky enough to be free. If so, you'd do far worse than heading to London's The Waiting Room - the trio have more dates throughout October too - details.

Monday, 29 September 2014

The Pretty Greens - Jealous Waves


Last but certainly not least in a little quartet of fuzz (for now) is Philly trio The Pretty Greens, a new discovery that appeared in my draft folders from an unknown source (sorry, I forgot to link you). Their February EP Jealous Waves bringing a charming slice of diy indie pop to the table with perhaps title track "Jealous Waves" summing it up best,

You are soon introduced to a super infectious little gem which flutters around your heart with tumbling percussion, simple jagged guitar chords and super soft harmonies, complete with candy sweet vocals that are pretty much impossible not to swoon after.

"Lonely Hunter" reminds me of Tender Trap, catchy, melodic surf pop rhythms with clever wordplay lyrics, you can imagine it being even more fun live. There's even room for a cover of The Palisades' "Make the Night a Little Longer", transforming 60's girls group Motown sound to pure jangle pop bliss. Extend your summer and grab the dreamy three track EP now, available via Bandcamp.

The Debutantes - New Music "Introducing"


Irish trio The Debutantes contain a rhythm section familiar to these pages, Paula and Sarah from the wonderful September Girls alongside guitarist / co-vocalist Leon.

Their self titled, five track EP is due October 11th via the ever wonderful Soft Power Records and introduces a band that actually reminds me of the garage pop band that the early days September Girls were, full of delightful carefree fuzz, melody and reverb.

Take "Adam's Apple" for example of the melodically driven urgency that propels the release of pop jewels, a scuzz-ball of fierce drums and guitars paint dissonance around delightful harmonies and a perfect pop chorus whilst Gentleman's Wash" packs a similar punch, here awash with a softer, dreamy sheen, a swirling sea of lush kaleidoscope beauty. Indie-poppers - go and give it your love.

If you want a tape, you probably need to move quickly, 14 remain at time of writing. Order here.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Slowcoaches - Tourists EP


I found Slowcoaches via Feature whom I posted about a couple of weeks ago, the band share a member (SC's vocalist Heather) and have recently completed a tour together which supported a split EP from which both bands provided three tracks, two originals and a Wire cover.

Slowcoaches have perhaps the most ironic band name of the month, "Raw Dealing" introducing a sound that is anything but, catapulted by thunderous drums and frantic guitar riffs it's heavier and shoutier than my usual type of pop-punk but I can't help but fall for this blast of sharp, abrasive noisescapes complete with infectious hooks, blistering vocals and a mighty, mighty dose of feedback. A fan of raw / melodic pop-punk played with perfect controlled aggression? Well I'm sure you've already found your new favourite band.

The split EP is available to download now via Bandcamp.

Susan - New Music "Introducing"


Yesterday's post on Working has renewed by enthusiasm for fuzz-pop, so much so that I think I'll have a couple of days dominated by it on the blog, the first post comes from LA's Susan with their debut EP Just Call It.

The title track kicks off the no-stop-for-breath seven minute, three song release with a deliciously addictive statement of intent, combining hook-laden garage pop riffs, pounding drums and girl-group melodies for a sweet as sugar romp.

Flip-side tracks "Frenchie" and "Pancake" continue with the chugging, reverb soaked noise pop moods, charming, swoony harmonies that offer a rush of smile-inducing adrenaline. The lyrics throughout are pretty direct with the rather biting finale of "fuck you, I hope you die alone" ringing through on "Pancake" amongst all the catchy, urgent choruses. Don't worry, I doubt it's directed and you and it's an awesome introduction in any case.

Just Call It is available on a super limited 7" via Volar Records now. An extended EP with more tracks is due via Burger Records soon.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Wonderful Humans #2 - Worth Your While


Wonderful Humans return after the marvelous "Edge of the Night" with another 80's inspired pop banger, "Worth Your While" is a massive radio-friendly anthem filled with huge soaring synths, electro-drums and splashes of guitar that transports you to late night drives with your high-school sweetheart.

The bombastic melody is illuminated further by Amanda's enchanting vocals, if you're looking for some swooning, deliciously sad daydreams to brighten up this rather dull London Thursday (it might be nice where you are, the same applies), you should look no further than the soundcloud link below.

The band make their live debut at CMJ next month. Not a band place to kick off your career...