Friday, 1 August 2014

Young Summer - Leave Your Love

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I saw Young Summer perform at this years Great Escape festival and I'm honest enough to say the show left me feeling a little empty, the set was vocals and electro drums / laptop and it failed to sparkle as I perhaps hoped prior. There was no doubting the beautiful, silky smooth vocals or the flickering 80's torchlight melodies but without a 'real' band I failed to connect as I perhaps should.

Three months on and in the comfort of my own room I rediscover her with the gorgeous "Leave Your Love", a  bittersweet pop ballad which comes with all the qualities I remember from the show, it soon captures your heart and makes you wish you were swirling around arm in arm at a high school party.

I'm surprised to find I never posted about last years Fever Dream EP, you'll possibly want to get it for the spectacular "Waves That Rolled You Under". Young Summers' debut album Siren is due August 26th.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Minipop - Chances


This is a post I've been meaning to finish for weeks, it's been a manic few months for me since I moved house in May and maintaining the frequency of this blog has meant come super late nights and blogging lunches, that's my excuse anyway (and I hope at least a few of your have found something to make my time worthwhile)...

Minipop came to my attention last month (June) with their first release in four years "Chances" (a four track EP of the same name is available to download now via Bandcamp) and I've previously adhered to the band when I posted about drummer Lauren Grubb's other project To The Wedding (make sure you check it out if you are yet to hear it - a stunner), they're going to appeal to lots of us, people lost in rose-tinted romanticism with an ear for luscious, sparking dream pop that makes you feel like you're wrapped in a big fluffy cloud.

"My Love Will Last Forever" is nothing short of beautiful, a blissfully slow and calming journey through softening beats, widescreen guitars and sensual vocals that can do nothing but melts hearts whilst "Chances" is similarly graceful and restrained, where soft blooming melody and majestic vocals combine to yet more happy coos of approval.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Arctic Lake - New Music "Introducing"


The delicate, shimmering guitar textures and haunting vocals that introduce the debut track from London's Arctic Lake belie what is to follow, transforming "How Long Can You Stare" from widescreen London Grammar-esque ambiance to a level that rivals the more ambitious post-rock soundscapes of Explosions in the Sky.

The whole loud/quiet dynamic fits together perfectly, coming across completely unforced as the track weaves a serenely beautiful melody to a devastating, emotive voice before building to a peak of gut-wrenching instrumentation and crashing percussion that sweep you off your feet with an aural storm of noise.

With a debut track this ambitions (and impressive) Arctic Lake jump straight into the 'ones to watch' category.

Paperwhite #2 - Take Me Back


Quickly following the effervescent "Magic" Brooklyn's sibling duo Paperwhite return with "Take Me Back", which does indeed to that, another brilliant slice of perfect 80's throwback electro-pop.

The synths are shiny and sparkle throughout bubbling amongst Katie's smooth, sophisticated vocal and the result is nothing short of a joy.

It's my birthday today and there is nothing quite like swimming in a sea of warm, nostalgic bliss. Have a good day!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Rosie June #2 - Listening Post Redux

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I posted about Rosie June almost exactly a year ago now with a brief review of her debut album Listening Post, a beautiful record full of soft, romantic soundscapes, sweetly cooed vocals, jangle guitars and airy synths, the result is sure to make your day better than you thought it was.

The record seems to have disappeared from her Bandcamp but fear not, it has been re-released on iTunes alongside a new video for one of the albums stand-out tracks, "Sound It Out". If you missed it then, now is as good a time as any to catch up.

"Sound It Out" is gorgeous with Rosie's mellow vocals gliding over light, glistening synths and a soft percussive beat and I'm also in love with a live video to another track from the record "Lion on Your Side", where dreamy, chiming guitar patters and heavenly harmonies combine to send hearts a flutter.

Listen to both now:

Eliot Sumner #2- Come Friday


I wasn't anticipating that one of my tracks of the year thus far would come from Sting's daughter (for no reason other than my own expectations), yet it most certainly has. Eliot Sumner's first single (under her birth name) "Information" is an absolute stunner and now we have a second track, both taken from an EP also entitled Information and due to be released on iTunes August 1st.

"Come Friday" is similar in style and scope, an epically sized beast that's armed with a pulsating melody and surging rhythms, they hide the tracks darker subject matter amongst shiny guitar riffs and a catchy chorus. Eliot's vocal is exemplary throughout but my favourite bit has to be the part around two and a half minutes when it comes to the fore amongst thudding bass before exploding with a euphoric conclusion. Ace.