Thursday, 24 April 2014

Nuoli - New Music "Introducing"


I recently made the decision to take my inbox away from my iPhone and it feels liberating. As I've mentioned here on plenty of occasions, I get far more submissions in a day than I could ever listen to in a week. Personal filters, the general tone of the message (I always try and read direct message not full of obviously false praise) and the sender all point towards the messages I listen to over those I discard but still a bloggers inbox remains a key point of new music discovery (if the blogger is doing it right that is) and here's a perfect example of why...

Stockholm artist Nuoli and her debut (well that's what the PR release says, although I've since read blogs about another track) single "My Curse Is My Mind" immediately captures my current mood, a half-way house of beauty and emotion which pulls you in with its hypnotic atmosphere and dramatic percussive hook, the luxurious web of Nuoli's (aka Fanny Hultman) dreamy, rich vocals and shimmering guitars only help me to find the repeat button.

The obvious reference point is fellow Swede Lykke Li with "My Curse Is My Mind" building around stark melody, tribal beats and intimate lyrics but there's more here than that, soaring choruses with echoey guitars never far from explosion, it's intoxicating however you want to look at it and I can't wait to hear something more from Nuoli.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

San Mei - Wars


San Mei is the solo project of Australian Emily Hamilton and her new track "Wars" follows last years bittersweet bedroom pop gem "Brighter" (and is due for digital release via UK label Tidal Wave on May 12th).

This second track sees Emily further the lush, layered soundscapes that defined her debut track with beautifully soft vocals echoing around sparse production and the pitter-patter of electronic beats before at half-way mark the track reaches out and blossoms around soaring synths and delicious harmonies.

"Wars" has the feel of a sound that is heading in a direction that you can't help but fall for. Stream it below:

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Alexandra Stewart - New Music "Introducing"


If you're feeling anything like I am today, you'll be wishing there was an extra day to recover from your long Easter weekend excursions. I can't give you that unfortunately but I can provide you with a song that may just melt your heart.

"I Grow" is the new track by Brooklyn based Canadian artist Alexandra Stewart (new to me but follows last years WÀBÀ EP - discovered and available via Bandacmp).

I'll focus on the skeletal beauty that is "I Grow" for now, led by melancholic piano and understated instrumentation the song beguiles around its dreamy atmosphere and Alex's soft, luscious vocal, the sort of voice that carries you away and here I'm left with my eyes closed and transported to somewhere as beautiful as the artwork that comes supplied on the soundcloud track below. After three and a half minutes the track surprises, morphing from plaintive piano-ballad to something akin to a slow-motion Dirty Projectors at their finest, with ambient guitar shimmers and pared-down drums closing the track with the repeated whispers of the title. Absolutely gorgeous is this and that will do just fine for me today.

Pawws - Sugar


I'd heard of Lucy Taylor's Pawws project before (with Lucy being familiar to me from her earlier involvement in The Citadels) but this track is my introduction to her solo music, a track called "Sugar" which more than lives up to its name (and is taken from her debut EP due in June)...

To call "Sugar" deliciously sweet would only be a half truth, it's even nicer than that. Like an eight year old left in a room of eggs by themselves on Easter Sunday it leaves you feeling all gooey and sickly on the inside as you are bewitched by the swoonsome combination of twinkling moonlight synths, restrained beats and Lucy's soft, pretty vocal. It's like the 80's never went away.

Pawws plays The Great Escape next month with a headline show at The Lexington planned for May 12th.

Monday, 21 April 2014

La Sera #4 - Running Wild

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Katy Goodman's La Sera project is my favourite thing she's done, I loved her 2012 full-length Sees The Light and her third album Hour of the Dawn promises to be even better listen, what with the previously shared "Losing to the Dark" and now the aptly titled "Running Wild" immediately catapulting themselves around my brain.

The track is a joyous, care-free anthem made for summer which encapsulates Katy's rich, vibrant approach to music with machine gun drums and sprawling guitars propelling the uplifting dual vocals - it's basically impossible now to love.

I'm looking forward to finally seeing La Sera live when Katy hits Hoxton Bar & Grill on May 23rd - tickets. Hour of the Dawn is released on May 13th and can be pre-ordered via Hardly Art now.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Lykke Li #6 - Gunshot

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The irreplaceable Lykke Li returns with the latest preview from her forthcoming third LP I Never Learn (due May 5th and available to pre-order here) "Gunshot".

The track is a slow-burner that blossoms from Lykke's typically devastating delivery and the same intimate, inwards emotion that accompanied earlier previews "No Rest For The Wicked" and "Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone" to dramatic power-ballad choruses and the repeated cries of "never get you back".

I'm glad of those choruses because I've kept saying how strong and eighties her live set sounded at the BBC Six Music Festival last month yet until now all we'd heard from I Never Learn was its moments of pain and rejection, here Lykke Li takes those same feelings and turns them on themselves with big, bold defiance. Something she's done before of course on the wonderful "Get Some" from Wounded Rhymes. I'm pretty excited to hear this record in full. Just a couple of weeks now. Stream "Gunshot" below.