Tasseomancy #5 - The Grass Harp


I'm delighted to have Tasseomancy back, one track in 2013 aside ("Braid, Wind Is Coming") it has been quiet from the Lightman twins for a number of years (their debut Ulalume came out back in 2011). The pair how now left their roles as backing vocalists/dancers in Austra to concentrate on the psyche-folk of Tasseomancy and "The Grass Harp" is the first result of their renewed efforts, more good news follows, it's as enchanting as ever.

Listeners new and old will soon wrap their ears within six minutes of absolute crystalline pleasure, nestled in their signature realms of dark, haunting beauty "The Grass Harp" is pure ear-candy, soft and delicate throughout with swooning, swooping textures guiding the sister's angelically pared vocals with the most magical of results. 

Tasseomancy's second album  Palm Wine Revisited is due May 5th on Healing Power Records.

Heart Beach - Away


Another discovery from Australia follows, Tasmanian trio Heart Beach come to my ears with "Away", the first track taken from their forthcoming debut, self-titled, full length album due March 20th (bandcamp tells me there are a handful of earlier tracks dating back to 2013).

"Away" soon introduces itself to be this languid, brooding  beauty with seductive vocals floating on a sea of scuzzy guitars and probing beats, it sits simmering on the edge and I keep expecting it to explode amongst a wall of feedback drenched sound yet it doesn't, remaining restrained and delicious. It serves as a pretty glorious start. 

Personal Best - This Time Next Year


A Personal Best, something I've not had in the running department for around five years now, it sucks getting old and fat. Woes of my own failures aside, the name, also that of the Bristol trio whom haved just shared the track "This Time Next Year", the introduction to their debut album Arnos Grove (due 30th March via Specialist Subject Records).

It serves as a beautifully sweet signal of their intent, a big, beefy power-pop melody that's propelled by rushing beats and racing riffs and engulfs you in happy thoughts around addictive, sing-along lyrics. Listen below and go reach for the stars, tap your feet, nod your head, whatever makes you happy...

Kid Wave #4 - Wonderlust


We're nearly out of winter kids and it's oh so close to the time we can finally drop the melancholy (yeah, as if) and prance around the room to pop nuggets like this, "Wonderlust" by London's Kid Wave.

The track encapsulates the spirit of youth, full of carefree abandon and blissful optimism, rushing headlong with surging guitars and galloping beats amongst Lea Emmery's heady vocals, a nostalgia overload for old boys like myself awaits.

Kid Wave's debut album, also entitled Wonderlust, is due 1st June via Heavenly - pre-order. The band play a series of dates around the capital in March to celebrate - dates.

Twin Limb - Long Shadow


I'd not come across Twin Limb until the other night when I heard "Long Shadow", what appears to be the Kentucky duo's debut track but I was immediately pulled into its luxurious world, reminiscent of Marika Hackman both vocally and musically is a dream-folk track abundant with atmosphere that is haunting, soothing and delivered with absolute precision.

Slowly building through accordion hums and ambient swirls punctuated by precise beats is this rich and enchanting melody that couples with the soft but powerful vocals and draws you in completely as it reaches its final, fulfilling, shimmering peak. Beautiful stuff.

The track, released last week, is available now via Bandcamp.

Fever Dream #3 - Serotonin Hit


It's been a while since I talked about Fever Dream, in fact as long ago as December 2012 when I put the London based trio's debut EP as my number five record of the same year. The band return with "Serotonin Hit", the first single taken from their (long overdue) debut album Moyamoya due April 27th via Club AC30.

The track is a more direct and straightforward shoe-pop number than anything they've done more, pairing urgent beats and disorientating  guitar riffs amongst layers of distortion, Adey Fleet's hazy vocals and catchy melody.  The result is a charm.

The band go on a tour with Tigercats before an album launch on May 1st at London's Shacklewell Arms - full dates

Van Wyck - New Music "Introducing"


I was away in Bruges last week (a beautiful place to spend a few days) so expect a few more blog posts this forthcoming week as I try and catch up with the music I missed and submissions I received. The first of which is Amsterdam's Van Wyck whose just released her debut EP Tanned Legs (available via Bandcamp), three tracks which immediately envelope the listener within its seductive melancholy.

The title track is a beautifully dark break-up song that intoxicates through Van Wyck's beautifully alluring vocal whispers and descriptive, story-telling lyrics, the musical accompaniment is sparse and never hurried, little more than tender acoustic plucks throughout. It plucks straight at the heartstrings. 

"Push Back The Sun" is similarly soul-baring and equally mesmerising, flush with haunting melancholy and mystique with ringing guitars and twinkling piano chords driving the track forward amongst the most beautiful of words all sung in a whisper. 

Tanned Legs will become your friend in the dark, lonely midnight hours. Go grab a glass of malt and immerse yourself. You'll soon be drenched in goodness.

Bo Rocha - New Music "Introducing"


The soaring choruses of Bo Rocha's debut track "Tangerine Flake" gives those with eager ears the hint that her press picture may not about her identify, Kate Sproule formerly the lead vocalist of the brilliant Mt Wolf and now on her own with a track that's sure to find favour amongst fans of the former and more.

"Tangerine Flake", an obscure title couples sparse electro pop with smouldering vocals, where big processed beats propel the track to its finest moments, those where the voice swoops and emotion and intoxication. Just like that a new 'one to watch' is found.