Wilsen #7 - Garden


The last time I was talking about Wilsen it was to joke about the band potentially needing a restraining order against me. On their debut UK tour last May I saw the band four times in four days, I didn't actually intend to. Sure I got tickets to their debut headlining London show at The Slaughtered Lamb (which had the added bonus of Sophie Jamieson supporting) but Tasmin playing a solo support show for Broken Twin (one of my favourite gigs of the year) the next day was a surprise and then I also happened to see Wilsen twice at The Great Escape, I'm glad I did. Those shows were a masterclass of restrained, shimmering atmosphere and exquisite, luxurious vocals.

The reason I mention all that is because yesterday saw The Wild Honey Pie share a live recording of a brand new track "Garden" and it highlights exactly why I showed that level of commitment/obsession. Recorded at the chilly/gorgeous Stratton Mountain the video is beautifully shot and completely captures the bands spirit, ebbing and flowing instrumentation and Tasmin's pure, emotive delivery.

Album two is one of my most awaiting releases. Hopefully we'll see it in 2015, "Garden" certainly offers a tantalising glimpse.

Le Pie - New Music "Introducing"


I love this track, it's another Bandcamp discovery. Le Pie is a solo artist from Sydney and "Secrets" is her debut single. It's a track that manages to be both sweet yet dark, charming yet grimy, dreamy yet gritty. 

The track sees buzzsaw guitars swarm around sugary vocals and precise drum beats, soon you are wrapped around warming, wistfully nostalgic thoughts as you join in with the lyrics "baby if I close my eyes will it go away" and the wonderfully poetic romanticism "I'm waiting for a magical mystery man to divorce me from this lovely hearts club". "Secrets" offers seduction and beauty by the bucket-load and that's all before the breathy spoken section...  I'm totally hooked.

"Secrets", according to Le Pie's on words is to be featured on the EP 'and he said honey, you look so fine,' scheduled for release in early 2015. Download the track on a pay what you like basis now via Bandcamp.

Torres #4 - Strange Hellos


One of the reasons why the music that I post on this blog (and hence the music that I like and listen to) is probably over 90% female vocals is because in my personal opinion it can convey emotion, drama and meaning better than a man's (there are exceptions naturally - probably my top five artists of all time are male). A case in point is Torres. Her 2013 debut was a white knuckle ride of dark, stark power and raw, heartfelt mood that hit right in your gut.

The good news (and reason for that waffle) is yesterday saw her return with "Strange Hellos", the first track taken from her second album Sprinter, due May 18th via Partisan.

The track starts with the familiar sounds of sparse guitar plucks, bruised lyrics and Mackenzie Scott's incredible vocal whispers before exploding into a surging Nirvana esque fuzz-rock monster. Her vocals become a tool to release anger and aggression, snarling and searing at every turn amongst a quagmire of bellowing instrumentation and razor-sharp lyrics. It completely knocks your socks off.

Sea Change #4 - Squares


"Squares" is the latest installment to be heard from Ellen A. W. Sunde's Sea Change ahead of the release of her debut full length album Breakage on February 23rd. 

The track finds her, as ever, in sparkling, translucent form with a track that combines stark, natural textures, cascading soundscapes and beautifully haunting vocals, here looping, shimmering synths and Ellen's crystal clear vocals are effervescent as they swirl and twinkle with ever more divine and powerful intent. 

One of my most eagerly awaited releases of the year so far, it promises to be a rewarding, immersive listen for fans of icy, magical synth-pop. Breakage is available to pre-order now via the Sea Change website.

Moon King - Roswell


Here's a tip if you are one of the lucky people going to see Alvvays tomorrow at London's Scala, get there in time to hear the support, fellow Torontonians (is that a word? Torontoites perhaps)  Moon King.

The track that's got me hot under the collar today "Roswell" is the duo's first taken from their debut record Secret Life due 14th April and available to pre-order now via Bandcamp. It's a six minute soaring, propulsive epic that combines floaty, hazy dream pop with dense, sprawling  psyche, the combination is wonderful, pulling you  in further and further around it's hypnotic, forever unwinding motorik groove and luscious harmonies, go get hooked in this cosmic jam for yourself below:

Flo Morrissey - Pages of Gold


Here's a track and voice so far up my street that I can't quite believe I've not posted about it already, "Pages of Gold"  is the debut single from Flo Morrissey, a name I can remember reading about via the sadly no more Flying With Anna (I checked and that post was back in 2012 when Flo recorded as 9Mary).

Now recording under her own name and having recently bagged a tour support slot for The Staves forthcoming UK tour this gorgeous introduction hints at much more to come in future, "Pages of Gold"combines the rich, swoonsome melody of Beach House with the slick polish and elegant beauty of the recent First Aid Kit album, if that's not a combination to steal hearts (especially when you hear Flo's incredibly warming, weighty vocal) I don't know what is. Consider me smitten.

The tracks available on iTunes now with a vinyl release due to follow soon.

Blame Fable - New Music "Introducing"


Here's a first, a discovery because I didn't press stop on soundcloud quickly enough. Yes, instead of the horrific dance remix that usually follows the track you are listening to (or Ed Sheeran) whilst I was listening to Arctic Lake's "Limits" earlier this week this beauty followed it. I was immediately intrigued. I followed the links and voila, here are, welcome to Blame Fable.

I'll forgive you for being amongst the uneducated this time, Blame Fable are a new London based trio, so new in fact they have just four 'fans' on facebook at time of writing. "Poolside" is their introduction to the world and one that instantly makes an impact on me, slowly building around pared percussion and circling guitars with layers of progressive, fraught instrumentation and a rich, sumptuous vocal before climaxing with a soaring, emotive finale. Consider my boxes ticked. 

Honeymoon - New Music "Introducing"


Here's my latest Bandcamp discovery, Honeymoon with a two track single called Twin Lake. I've been unable to find any other information or pages on the band given their pretty un-Google-able name. In any case, the (seemingly US based trio's) two tracks quickly introduce some luscious dream-pop ear candy so all is forgiven.

The title track "Twin Lake" is a gorgeous slice of haunting, melodic calm as languid atmosphere and chiming guitars seep into your dreams around waves of echo and never hurried beats, heavy on mood and texture, it's a real beauty 

"Installation/Constellation" has more intent, instantly more vibrant and urgent with propulsive guitar riffs and drums that remind me of Alvvays, evoking long summer afternoons with unraveling melody and wonderful breathy harmonies. 

Hopefully there's more like this to follow soon. Twin Lake can be downloaded now on a pay what you like basis via Bandcamp. Any help with social links appreciated.