Friday, 30 April 2010

Laura Marling #5 - Live Tour Video

More wonderous material from Miss Marling, this live tour video is wonderful...

Friday, 23 April 2010

Laura Marling #4 - Serpetine Show 

Laura Marling today announced a new London show.

The Serpentine Session at Hyde Park - it holds 3,000 so it will sell out... Hope it's a lovely day as it should be glorious.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Blur #2

 No need for dodgy links - Blur have made Fool's Day available to download for FREE from - go ahead and do so (in choice of MP3 and WAV too) - I think it's a blinding song - hopefully the first of many.

I kind of thought Blur had lost their way, maybe some solo projects and time apart has sorted that out.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Editors #2 - Last Day

Editors released a special very limited 7" of exclusive album session song Last Day today through record store day (today). You can watch a video for it below.

I managed to drag my hungover self up just in the neck of time to get a copy, only one mind, had hoped for another one. Got a lot of nice things today - great day - if not the Blur record.
Although it seems not too many people are honest as eBay is full of them now. Real shame if you ask me.
Maybe it's not working - try this link instead

Monday, 12 April 2010

Young Heretics

Australian band who I'd never heard of a few weeks ago, I like their debut LP alot - you can download it for free direct from the band by going to - that's the sort of band I like in the modern age - however, the band can't exist if people who like it don't do their bit so if you enjoy it, you can order a physical version here.


Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Myspace / Buy

Sometimes you are annoyed with yourself for not listening to a band sooner, Warpaint are one of those, I've heard of them for a while and so many times I've been like, yeah I need to check them out, due to this neglect I've for one been missing out. Their next two London shows I cannot make either (12th May is the next one at Luminaire), hopefully I will be able to make amends at The Great Escape (as long as they don't clash with Blood Red Shoes - I have something special lined up with BRS very soon)...

Warpaint are fucking wonderful in every possible way...


Ume - New Music - "Introducing"

Pic = love
Band Website

Fans of TJF, yes them(!) will most likely like (and already love) this band from the US, Ume, a trio with a small female lead, a bassist partner and a drummer who's sound grabs the listener immediately - almost sounds like The Joy Formidable, musically they are just fantastic too...
Distored guitars, bashing drumming, punishing power = love it.

You can download two songs off their Sunshine EP by going to this link and for $5 you can order the EP from the bands website above.

Not sure if they've ever played the UK but if they do I am sure they will go down very well.

Video here:

Veronica Falls - New Music "Introducing"

With all my Joy Formidable gushing I've somewhat neglected my duties to other music - however I've returned to it this weekend and the following four or five will be bands that have come to my attention that I'm getting into.

Firstly Veronica Falls (myspace) who's debut 7" Found Love in a Graveyard is wonderful....

You can buy it from Rough Trade.
Supporting Slow Club on 1st June at Koko along with a whole host of other dates including Camden Crawl.

Watch below: