Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Best Coast

Listen: http://www.myspace.com/bestycoasty

A band who I was meant to see at The Great Escape but didn't and whose London shows clashed - can't remember why  / who with but listening back to them and their new 7" single Sun Was High (So Was I) (Out in the UK this week from here) I am regretting it - especially with currently no UK dates annouced.

You can as of today Pre-Order the Best Coast debut album Crazy For You here. On various different formals and deals - surely one that fits you - or a signed copy from UK based recordstore.

It doesn't feature any of the past couple of singles or anything from the five track EP Where the Boys are - so fingers crossed for plenty of new awesome material full of the signature crunching guitars and fuzzy vocals.

Ten Bands You Should See at Glastonbury Part Three

7. We Are Scientists
Where? Other Stage - Sunday 17:30
Why? The funniest pop stars in the business today - expect fantastic banter in between catchy two minute songs. Highlights will include After Hours, The Great Escape and hopefully a burst of Goal England!
Buy? Their first album is probably their best. With Love and Squalor is generally most consistent material they have done but with singles such as After Hours and Rules Don't Stop on their more recent albums (their third album Barbara came out a few weeks ago) you are on a winner either way.
Preview? There's an old recording to find here. Hopefully more to follow soon too.
More? www.wearescientists.com/ / www.myspace.com/wearescientists
Watch? This...

8. These New Puritans
Where? John Peel Stage - Sunday - 14:00
Why? Hidden, their second album is another contender for album of the year so far and We Want War is nothing short of a masterpiece.
Buy? Hidden is a 100% must have and if you like that try Beat Pyramid TNPS debut LP which is also great, if not quite on par with their second.
Preview? A short support slot and a BBC Session can be found here.
More? www.myspace.com/thesenewpuritans / www.thesenewpuritans.com/
Watch? I told you it was a bit good...

9. Fanfarlo
Where? Queens Head - Friday 19:00
Why? Reservior was one of my favourite albums of 2009. Fantastic throughout and no weak tracks.
Buy? Well, as I just said that there aren't any weak tracks on their album, the whole of Reservoir will be a good start!
Preview? There's an old recording to be found here.
More? www.myspace.com/fanfarlo / www.fanfarlo.com/
Watch? Here's a vid for one of the fantastic singles off the album...

10. The Joy Formidable
Where? Other Stage - Sunday
Why? Hmmm, if you've read this blog for a while you'll know why... If not, because they are the best live act about today and their material is fucking fantastic - that enough? Thought so.
Buy? A Balloon Called Moaning, First You Have To Get Mad, Popinjay and Download Greyhounds In The Slips - basically anything TJF put their name too.
Preview? Well I've posted a few things on this site Before! Seriously, search here for 30 odd shows, plenty of sessions and enough material to fall in love...
More? www.myspace.com/thejoyformidable / www.thejoyformidable.com/
Watch? This is a promo showing in cinemas for Kopparberg.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Summer Camp - Ghost Train

The debut track from Summer Camp is available to listen to, it's called Ghost Train - it's a great, great tune too. Absolutely love it. Listen below:

Ghost Train - Summer Camp by morrisday

Veronica Falls #2 - Live at Koko / Beachy Head Video


I was very impressed by Veronica Falls when I saw them at Koko, all of their songs released so far are great, ... Graveyard probably my favourite, I'm hoping for big things and new releases in the not too distant future.

Here's the new single's video: Beachy Head ... Buy it here...

Veronica Falls - Beachy Head from Philippa Bloomfield on Vimeo.

Let's Buy Happiness - New Music "Introducing"

It seems some six weeks after The Great Escape I'm finally passing on some recommendations. Another band I caught for the first time were Let's Buy Happiness - they have good songs and I was impressed with their performance, even more so as it was opening up on the Thursday night after a long drive down that day.
They open the John Peel stage at Glastonbury on Saturday I think, and I'll be watching that one for sure.

They have a self-released EP which you can buy from the bands bandcamp site -  http://www.letsbuyhappiness.com/ www.myspace.com/letsbuyhappinessuk

Listen to a track here:
Devil Show - Let's Buy Happiness by morrisday

315. Islet

I saw these boys and girl at The Great Escape and in all honesty I didn't know what to make - maybe it was the venue which was beyond shite - a huge pillar right in from of the stage doesn't make a good venue in my eyes...
Quite obscure for some reason they have no myspace etc.
They released their debut EP this week, Celebrate This Place - here it is from rough trade

You can listen to a song off it below and a nice video too.
Islet - Iris by morrisday

Islet "We Shall Visit"

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Ten Bands You Should See at Glastonbury Part Two

Carrying of with my must see at Glasto thread now... a few obvious choices if you've followed this blog, purely by the number of postings each artist have received...

4. Beach House
Where? The Park - Saturday 16.00
Why? Teen Dream will be in almost everybody's end of year lists because it is flawless, it's just a beautiful album. Take Care is lovely, a crowd please set at Glastonbury awaits. Cannot Wait.
Buy? Beach House missed my radar until this year, the amazing Teen Dream which certainly put them in the general eye and I'd say start there as it's by favourite of their three albums.
Preview? See my other posts for plenty of live FM broadcasts / sessions and live recordings.
More? http://www.myspace.com/beachhousemusic / http://www.beachhousebaltimore.com/
Watch? Well you can ask for a better introduction to Beach House than Zebra, so watch this...

5. Laura Marling
Where? The Park - Saturday 21.30
Why? The majestic beauty Laura Marling will be a great post football (hopefully) sing-along / swoonathon / celebration (hopefully again!). If we lose (not worth thinking about) she'll also be great at cheering us up.
Buy? Both her albums are must buys, I'd probably say I prefer the first; Alas, I Cannot Swim, just.
Preview? Plenty of material available on my old posts - the Austrialian FM broadcast is great if can ignore the Triple JJJ spiel.
More? http://www.myspace.com/lauramarling / http://www.lauramarling.com/
Watch? The beautiful Night Terror below...

6. Dirty Projectors

Where? The Park - Sunday 21.15
Why? Bitte Orca was righfully critically acclaimed as one of the albums of the year in 2009.
Buy? Bitte Orca - it's the album that made them massive. They are prolific and have quite a few albums behind them.
Preview? You can listen to a special track they did for Levi's here and a 7" digital single for free by visiting their website below.
More?  http://www.dirtyprojectors.net/ / http://www.myspace.com/dirtyprojectors
Watch? Stillness is the Move

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

312. The Strange Death of Liberal England #3

Third post in a row without much on offer if you want to constantly download / archive material - but more great news from a great band who need it...
TSDOLE have finally annouced the release date of their album...

From DiS:
The Strange Death Of Liberal England have finally announced the title and tracklisting for their forthcoming debut album, set for release later this year. Drown Your Heart Again will be released through Republic Of Music and preceded by a single, ‘Flagships’ (video below) in July. The album was produced by Dave Allen, best known for his work with The Cure, who pretty much came out of retirement to make the record with them. Indeed, he not only gave his time for free but actually camped outside the studio in his van over Christmas during the sessions!

Video: The Strange Death Of Liberal England 'Flagships'

The tracklisting is as follows:-
'Flickering Light'
'Rising Sea'
'Like A Curtain Falling'
'Come On You Young Philosophers!'
'Yellow Flowers'
'Dog Barking At The Moon'

If you are in London, they play the Monarch tomorrow, the 17th - go along if you can.

Find out more / listen to them by checking out my old posts here or on myspace.

Void Vision - New Music "Introducing"

Listen http://voidvision.bandcamp.com/ http://www.myspace.com/voidvision

I've been listening to their fantastic debut In 20 Years (you can listen to it on the links above - or on the soundcloud below) on repeat this morning, it really is a fantastic tune.
Almost Blade Runner esque backing; to put it bluntly as I tend to do as I am not the most articulate - it's fucking ace - and so is the B-Side Black and White.

Order it here was also on sale from Rough Trade, but it's sold out now so I'm guessing there are not too many copies left.

<a href="http://voidvision.bandcamp.com/track/in-20-years">In 20 Years by Void Vision</a>

http://vimeo.com/8765637 from WIERD Records on Vimeo.

310. Explode Into Colors

Bad news to kick off this post, as Explode into Colors are no more, they played their last ever gig on 5th June, that however, do not stop their debut EP Quilts (which complies their three 7" singles) being fantastic.
Wooden Ghost the highlight for me.

It comes out in the UK early July from Rough Trade - a perfect memento of this band - hopefully we'll get some new projects soon.

Explode Into Colors from :::MAGNETIC ARCHIVES:: on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Cold Cave #2 - Live in Paris

I got to see the frankly awesome Cold Cave three times this spring, twice with Editors and once at The Great Escape, they are dark, bold and epic. Theme From Tomorrowland cannot help get you nodding your head. Buy their album 'Love Comes Close' you won't regret it.

Love them - cannot wait for new material and a return to the UK, although I do suspect it might be a bit of a wait.

Here is a fantastic quality taping of a show in Paris. Two tracks that are new, that were also played on the Editors tour, but I have no idea what they are called and a long feedback/ drone that can be skipped nicely when not in real-time!

If you don't know who Cold Cave are (how?!) - try this -

Cold Cave - "Pink & Purple Pop Festival #9"
Point Ephémère, Paris - 2010.05.27


01. I.C.D.K.
02. The Laurels of Erotomania
03. Life Magazine
04. Hello Rats
05. Youth and Lust
06. ??
07. ??
08. Love Comes Close
09. Feedback
10. Theme From Tomorrowland

Ten Bands You Should See at Glastonbury Part One

Okay, it's Glastonbury next week, here are some bands who I will be watching.

1. The National.
Where? The Other Stage - Saturday circa 17.15
Why? One of the best and most consistent bands of the last ten years. Their last three albums are consistently amazing, they are fantastic live and are a must see for anybody who thinks they like music.
Buy? As I said everybody should own Alligator, The Boxer and High Violet. The Virginia EP is essential for it's amazing live version of About Today too. Then there are also two more albums and an EP too.
Preview? See my other posts for plenty of live FM broadcasts / sessions - all of them are great.
More? http://www.americanmary.com/ / www.myspace.com/thenational
Watch? You still are not convinced? Well watch this...

2. Lissie
Where? Playing twice The Park 12.50 Friday and Queens Head 15.00 Saturday
Why? Lissie will be massive next month, her debut album comes out next week and it's fantastic. The country-influenced album is breaktaking - don't believe me - listen to it here
Buy? Well her debut album Catching a Tiger is the best place to start - there is also an EP Why You Runnin'.
Preview? I've a few sessions added and a few more to come - search here.
More? http://www.myspace.com/lissiemusic/ / http://www.lissie.com/
Watch? Well you can fall in Lissie quite simply by watching this...

3. The Middle East
Where? Queens Head 21.00 Sunday
Why? Their EP The Recordings of The Middle East is just phenonemal. An Austrialian band that are very good. I've not seen them before live and am looking forward to the chance to change that.
Buy? So far the only material is the EP, a new album is due to land very soon.
Preview? I've not got any posts... yet...
More? http://www.myspace.com/visitthemiddleeast / http://www.themiddleeastmusic.com/
Watch? Well you can see them live in the UK all July - get involved - ticket links on their myspace page and watch this:

Monday, 14 June 2010

Arcade Fire #3- Suburbs

Finally NEW Arcade Fire, it's been a long, long time coming. I've seen a lot of critical reviews of the new double A-side - I totally disagree. I especially like Month of May but Suburbs is great too. I am very excited for the new album, I think it's released on August 2nd. You can pre-order it now from arcadefire.com

Friday, 11 June 2010

Caitlin Rose #2 - Own Side Now

Caitlin Rose has announced details of her debut album, Own Side Now, and the release of a brand-new free download.

Own Side Now will be released through Names Records on the 9th August 2010. To give everyone a taster of the record Caitlin has made one of the album's tracks 'Sinful Wishing Well' available as a free download.

Click here to get that track.


Monday, 7 June 2010

Caitlin Rose - New Music

Caitlin Rose is delightful.. You can get her EP Dead Flowers here.

Check her out on myspace http://www.myspace.com/caitlinrosesongs

See her live, support artists and lets keep music great.

The Airborne Toxic Event #2 - Echo Charity Show

The Airborne Toxic Event have been off the radar for a while (my CD player too), in all honesty they deserve the break in schedule after touring relentlessly until the back end of last year.

It will be interesting to see how good the new material is - if it's anywhere as good as the debut LP it'll be a treat.

Their show at the 100 Club last year was one of my favourites of 2009, they are great live, real fun and the live arena adds an extra dimension to them - especially Innocence - what a song.
Can't wait for their UK return.

I think they have an LA show coming out on DVD soon, maybe it's an American only thing though.

This was a charity show, so here is a link about the charity the show was supporting.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Bridezilla - New Music "Introducing"

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/bridezillaa

Bridezilla are an Australian group consisting of four girls and a solitary guy on drums. I first saw them last month in their first ever UK shows, it was a fleeting visit and they are back Down Under now.

However, I was impressed enough to get their album - The First Dance - Out now on rough trade. Difficult to pigeonhole; a mixture of folk / jazz / dreamy dark pop with some luscious vocals.

Check them out.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Warpaint #3

I'm actually back now but it will probably be Friday before I start posting properly, I've got a massive back-log of stuff to post so be prepared for it ;)

Anyway, the point of this was to say get your arses over to this amazing Warpaint session - LISTEN to Elephants - fucking awesome.

Scala show annouced for October - see you there.