Thursday, 29 July 2010

Zola Jesus #3 - New Song "Sea Talk"

A new Zola Jesus track emerged today, Sea Talk, well when I say new, it's in fact a re-working of an older song off Tsar Bomba, an early EP which featured Nika's (then) characteristic distorted, noisy vocals,
It's now been fully revamped  in line with Stridulum's more accessible style.
I know it's going to devide opinion with "hardcore" fans, but personally I much prefer it, it's grand.
Judge for yourself below with streams of both versions.

The UK will get the track on Stridulum II next month, with two more songs alongside the original six tracks off Stridulum.
It hits the states on the Valusia EP due late this year. Nika is in the UK next month, I urge you to get involved.

Zola Jesus - Sea Talk by morrisday
New Version:
Zola Jesus - Sea Talk 2010 by morrisday

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Lanterns on the Lake - New Music "Introducing"

I found Lanterns On The Lake through and "if you like The Joy Formidable, you will like these..." Clearly I'm a big TJF fan, I've been listening to LOTL for a few days now and I'm yet to see any comparison with TJF but I thank the recommendation anyway because this music is just gorgeous...

The first time I listened to I Will Lay You Down I instantly thought "wow, this is a bit good".
It's delicate beauty won me over instantly and I reached straight for the rest of the Lanterns on the Lake catalogue. Lush throughout with hauntingly beautiful vocals and dreamy, shimmering instrumentation.

There are three EP's to buy from the link above, direct from the band - all three of them will set you back £10 including postage. You can get the digitally if you prefer too.

Lungs Quicken by Lanterns on the Lake

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Wildbirds & Peacedrums #3 - "Rivers" Album Review

Wildbirds & Peacedrums - Bleed Like There Was No Other Flood from Leaf Label on Vimeo.

I know I only just posted about these, but this album is just so good I had to try and write it down again. I don't do reviews very well, so I do apologise if it's not up to your normal standard, but I'm not after being paid and I don't want your job, so let's not worry about that...
There is also some new and special news, in addition to the duo show announced for 26th Aug at the wonderful Lexington, there will be an additional show "with Voices" planned for Union Chapel on November 27th - ticket link. These will be special, very special.

Wildbirds and Peacedrums have created a true masterpiece, from start to finish Rivers (the Retina and Iris EP's combined on one double CD) is sublime and beautifully crafted.

Opener Bleed Like There Was No Other Flood is captivating and exquisite, Retina's tracks on the whole are embodied with a choir's echoing and chanting, Andreas Werliin's machine like drumming and Mariam Wallentin's voice resonating above all. Fight For Me is brutal, an energetic ride that cries out for hearing in a live show. Peeling of the Layers is just beautiful, the drumbeats almost military in nature, the voice one of real understated beauty.

Mariam's vocal's make this album a masterpiece for me, powerful yet beautiful at the same time.
There is an almost religious feel throughout, you find yourself in a ritualistic trance, completely immersed in the atmosphere of the record.

Retina is the opus, whereas Iris more subdued, however this is not to say Iris suffers for it, rarely will you hear anything other than the minimalist beat of the steel drum with Mariam's warm vocal delivery over it, but these songs need no more. Highlights for me are The Well and The Wave.

Honestly, breathtaking does not do this album justice. This is a band that is constantly evolving and improving.
Rivers is a guarantee for a place in the end of year lists throughout the internet.

8.6 / 10

Emmy The Great #5 - New Album News and Pledge to Support it

Either Pledge Music is taking off, or it's a massive coincidence that three artists that I like have used it to help fund their next release. I love it either way. I recently read it takes 8147 plays of a song on Spotify to generate an artist the same revenue of an album sale on CD Baby (I think it was; maybe my memory has it slightly wrong - but the end result is the same either way). So unless you want your favourite new artist to be working in a restaurant to pay their bills it's time something was done to rectify this a little.

I like Pledge for many reasons, tangible extra's like signed merch can be a great thing to have for a collector, unique items such as studio attendance opportunities / pledge only shows etc make you feel a lot more attached to the artist / music and the very simple fact that so much of the money is going to be going direct to the artist to give them the money they need to continue what they are doing.
I also like that the artists seem to be hitting their targets so quickly, it does bring back faith in music fans.

Anyway, the latest chance to "pledge" comes in the form of the truly fantastic Emma Lee-Moss or Emmy The Great, I've posted about her a few times already. Her album First Love truly is a fantastic album.
Her pledge site can be found below:

Cannot wait to hear the new material, to have the new album and on a personal note I cannot wait to be receiving post cards through my door. I might show them off on here, if and when it comes around.

Has anyone got £500 to give me for the gig in my house?! It's a tiny room - it'd be something special!

Son of Rams - New Music "Introducing"
Go to the link above for a FREE album download...

A few weeks back I posted about Family Trees, a three piece who recently released their debut 7, and lovely it is too.

Well, Joe from Family Trees also has another project, this one entitled Son of Rams, it's not quite in the same vein as Family Trees's Beach boys style, Son of Rams music is more psychedelic but it still has a great vibe to it.

The newest song highlights this perfectly and it even comes with free infectious guitar hooks - listen to it here - there is also an album to download from the site above. Clearly in its infancy, no myspace / bandcamp to report yet, but one to keep an eye on. Joe's clearly a busy man!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Guards - New Music "Introducing"

Do yourself a favour and download the FREE Ep from above, listen to it below.

Will do more of a blurb and some more posts next Monday / Tuesday - I know the live recordings have dropped a bit, but it's festival season and I'm enjoying listening to some new music.
I've Ran out of time now and I'm away for the weekend.

Have a good one.
<a href="">resolution of one by guards</a>

Spider - New Music "Introducing"

To be honest, when I heard the name Spider I was not expecting what I got, the name made me think of a rock band, I'm not sure why. The solo work of Jane Herships is definitely not that...

This is just beautiful, perfect for late night listening when you need something to savour after a long day at the office or whatever you may have been up to.
Throughout the songs are delicate, comforting and beautiful. I am liking this alot. See "White Swan" for a perfect example.

The album is called Things We Liked to Hold and you can download it from bandcamp. It couldn't be any better really.

I almost forgot to mention where Spider (Jane Herships) is based - yep - Brooklyn. Conveyor belt of talent!

<a href="">White Snake by Spider (Jane Herships)</a>

Friday, 23 July 2010

Lucius - New Music "Introducing"

More female harmonies here. More sweet, sweet music for my ears.
Another band from Brooklyn, seriously - what is in the water over there?!

Have a listen and see what you think - I like it.

Their debut came out last year and you can listen to it on the bands Bandcamp page linked above.

<a href="">Shenandoah by Lucius</a>

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

She Keeps Bees #2 - New Single News

As I seem to be reprising bands I'm very much into at the moment tonight; I'm going to do one more.
The most wonderful and lovely She Keeps Bees from Brooklyn.

Buy their new limited 7" from the band direct - this is 100% direct - you'll get a handmade numbered sleeve, a couple of bee stamps, badges and a note from Jess and Andy - What more could $7 give you alongside the satisfaction of supporting this perfect band.

Here is the link to listen and buy:

Roll on the UK return. I'll be there with bells on*

* Probably will not have bells on, but I'll be there in a polo shirt and jeans, more typical gig-going attire!

Here's a lovely duet with Jessica and Sharon Van Etten who herself is fantastic.
She keeps bees and sharon van etten - cuddle alone by morrisday

First Aid Kit - Acoustic Session

Another band I urge you to listen to if you haven't already, the live gig on my last post has had about a dozen listens from me over the past few weeks - it's just fantastic. Their EP and album are both essential purchases.

This is just great; a recent session with lovely stripped down acoustic versions of Sailor Song, Waltz for Richard and The Big, The Black and The Blue...

Caitlin Rose #3 - New Single and Tour Dates

Caitlin Rose – who I quote The Independent in saying is: “a Nashville country sensation with a voice so wry and heart-breaking it seems no coincidence she shares a birthplace with Jack Daniels whiskey”  – has announced details of a UK tour to support the release of her stunning new album ‘Own Side Now’ which is released on the 9th August. Get that from Rough Trade with a special bonus disc here.

All signs are that it's going to be friggin' awesome.
The full list of tour dates is as follows:

Thu 19 Aug London Camp w/ Sam Amidon £11
Fri 20 Aug Green Man
Wed 25 Aug Manchester Night & Day Café
Fri 27 Aug Birmingham Glee
Sun 29 Aug North Yorkshire Moors The Band Room w/ Megafaun
Wed 1 Sept London Slaughtered Lamb
Thu 2 Sept Bristol Bonaventure
Fri 10 Sept End of the Road

Caitlin releases ‘For The Rabbits’ as the first single from the album on the 26th July.

It is rather lovely, it is. I just cannot stop listening to "For the Rabbits", the B-Side to the single, a re-worked "T-Shirt" is fantastic too. Get that on iTunes. Hope the rest of the album is this good. I can't make the September date as it clashes with a lady who shares a name with an Italian footballer whom I posted about earlier, but the 19th Aug show looks like a great one and it's done by the local who always manage to put on a good gig...

Here is a stream of the single:

Caitlin Rose - For The Rabbits by morrisday

Grammatics #2 - Split / New EP Annoucement

So Grammatics have decided to split, it's a shame as their debut LP whilst not groundbreaking certainly had some decent tracks on it. They've followed I LIKE TRAINS example by using Pledge music to get the backing of us fans to release their final EP entitled 'krupt' ... See all about that by clicking on the link below.


Final dates:
Aug 12 – Birmingham – TBC

Aug 13 – The Lexington in London
Aug 14 – Start The Bus in Bristol
Aug 15 – The Deaf Institute in Manchester
Aug 16 – The Captains Rest in Glasgow
Aug 17 – Stereo in York
Aug 19 – New Slang in Kingston
Aug 20 - Leeds

Listen to their show from Leeds 2008 here

Wildbirds and Peacedrums #2 - New Show & Album News

I was very, very excited to see this get announced on the bands myspace...



soon our double CD RIVERS is out and we will celebrate it with a duo bonus show at The Lexington the 26th of August, be there with us!

Here is some news about it from our label:
and here is the direct ticket link:

and then the fall will come and we will among other things go to Japan and then do our with Voices tour in Europe and then after that we can start over again- you see we can already hear our next cd in our heads ;)..

have a wonderful summer of what is left of it and see you in the fall!!

m and a"

So, yes, what are you doing, click on the link above and buy the album and ticket or just the album but it's just £18 for immediate download, the CD and a ticket to the gig - bargain or what.
I've got both sexy white vinyl EP's already and this album will without doubt be in my top ten of the year, it is exquisite, beautiful and beyond rewarding on multiple listens. Listen to it.

Go forth and listen to their last London show here

Zola Jesus #2 - New Tour News

This news is exciting, this is simply an amazing line-up...

I don't know if I did enough Zola Jesus love last time around - she is fantastic - I'd love to know the real reason behind the name, although it may ruin it for me, because at present I've got the idea of her liking Gianfranco alot more than is healthy, I think I like that idea though...

News: The "Get Ready World" Tour: XIU XIU ANNOUNCE MORE TOUR DATES! -UK & Europe with Former Ghosts and Zola Jesus. (see below for full list of dates).

I'm guessing Xiu Xiu will be the headline for the tour, but I'm in it predominetly for Zola Jesus and Former Ghosts - their album Fleurs guests Nika and Jamie Stewart, but the former is who I'll labelling this post under...

There is also a Zola Jesus in-store at Rough Trade on the 7th September I believe, so that will be three London shows in a week after the headline show on the 1st and the Fever Ray support on the 8th. Happy times.
Get the Stridulum II Ep on pre-order here

oct 28 - Dijon, FR - Novosonic Festival (w/ Former Ghosts)
oct 29 - Dublin, IE - Darklight Festival (w/ Former Ghosts)
oct 30 - Bristol, UK - Arnolfini (w/ Former Ghosts)
oct 31 - Leeds, UK - Brundenell Social Club (w/ Former Ghosts)
nov 01 - London, UK - XOYO (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)
nov 02 - Kortrijk, BE - De Kreun (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)
nov 03 - Groningen, NL - Vera (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)
nov 04 - Hamburg, DE - Kampnagel (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)
nov 05 - Malmo, SE - Debaser (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)
nov 06 - Stockholm, SE - Fritz Corner at Debaser (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)
nov 07 - Oslo, NO - Cafe Mono (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)
nov 08 - Copenhagen, DK - TBA (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)
nov 09 - Berlin, DE - Festsaal Kreuzberg (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)
nov 10 - Prague, CZ - Club Matrix (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)
nov 11 - Muenchen, DE - Rote Sonne (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)
nov 12 - St. Gallen, CH - Palace (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)
nov 13 - Vavey, CH - Rocking Chair (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)
nov 14 - Schorndorf, DE - Club Manufaktur (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)
nov 15 - Milano, IT - Tunnel (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)
nov 17 - Lyon, FR - Grrnd Zero (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)
nov 18 - Paris, FR - Fondation Center (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)
nov 19 - Luxembourg, LU - Exit07 (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)
nov 20 - Amsterdam, NL - Paradiso (w/ Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus)

No ticket links yet, but check the normal places on Friday I imagine.
If you are in America both Zola and Warpaint are on tour with The xx - now that's a bit special too.
Zola Jesus - Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane cover Feat. Dead Luke) by musicmule

Zola Jesus - Night from Souterrain Transmissions on Vimeo.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Call the Doctor - New Music "Introducing"

Call the Doctor came on my radar a while ago, but it was only hunting for gigs next week that I actual sat down and listened to their tracks, my first pick 'Little Bones' was enough to judge an opinion - you can do that yourself by listening to it below - It blew me away on the first listen. It's rather bloody fantastic!

You can definitely hear some of obvious labelled comparisons with early Yeah Yeah Yeah's with some of the other tracks on their debut EP,  punky spirit and fuzzy guitar lines always win for me but it is Little Bones that's getting me really excited to see what the future has in store for this Bristol based band.

Little Bones - Call the Doctor by morrisday

They have a debut self titled EP out now, available from the link above and they play the buffalo bar on Tuesday.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

I Break Horses - New Music "Introducing"

My second Bella Union artist posting in the matter of minutes, I'm not on commission or free promos (shame!).

I Break Horses are Bella Union's latest signing, material isn't due till 2011 however from the three tracks posted around the internet I'm pretty excited. Lush, shoegaze and friggin' awesome spring to mind.

Here's expecting, anyway see what you think.

---- Updated:
Demo tracks removed, final versions available on later postings. Search labels to find

Mountain Man - New Music "Introducing"

I've been in love with Mountain Man since I saw them at Glastonbury, I really do mean in love. It's the most gorgeous music I've heard in a long, long time.

Mountain Man quite surprisingly given the name are an all female southern-folk US trio, the music is quite simple at source, three beautiful and affecting voices, occasionally accompanied by a gentle acoustic guitar. It's harmonies are out of this world, it's every bit as simple as it is hauntingly life-changing.

Their debut Made the Harbour is out on Bella Union in the UK now, get it - it's amazing.

They also have a 10" Vinyl with alternative takes that I have on order and can't wait to hear.

They play London on September 2nd -

Read this wonderful review on their live show -

Watch these:

Friday, 9 July 2010

Sleigh Bells - Live at SXSW Showcase for NPR

Sleigh Bells have a lot of a hype to live up to, they released their debut 'Treats' last week - thankfully they have managed to release a solid album and show a lot of potential whilst still retaining the fresh and unique sound they had been labelled with. Treats is a mixed bag of heavy rock, electro, noise pop and distorted grime will leave you wanting more. Tell 'Em shows this from the arse with a relentless beat that demands your attention. Rill Rill is a beautiful pop song, much softer than many of the tracks and almost perfect, whilst A/B Machines will be repeating in your head for weeks.

If you've not heard Sleigh Bells before, do yourself a favour and check them out. They might not be your thing   but I guarantee if you like them this album will be very firmly rooted in your 'Best of 2010' list - it will mine.

They play the lovely Lexington on 9th August - Sold Out I think. More dates to come I am sure.

Warpaint #4 - New Tour News

I'm listening to their debut EP right now - it's amazing - go and get it - also look at my last post for the equally amazing Noisemakers session with four live tracks off the EP, all which sound better than the strudio cut. I love Warpaint, a band who have really come together with then addition of Stella on drums, they rock out wonderously. Everything they've touched thus foar is perfect basically.

The band are to tour the UK in October, already we had a Scala date - now we have more, tickets in the normal places - catch them whilst they are still playing small rooms...


21 – Dublin, Crawdaddy
22 – Glasgow, Stereo
23 – Liverpool, The Kazimier
24 – Manchester, Deaf Institute
26 - Leeds, Brudenell
27 - Bristol, Cooler
28 - London, Scala
29 – Brighton, Digital

The album was originally due in August, I wouldn't be surprised to see it come out about the time of this tour now - it's one to look out for. Don't really know any details on it yet, but stay tuned...

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Charlene Soraia - New Music "Introducing"

I've been getting quite a few emails recently from PR companies - it's great to know my blog is getting some attention and I like getting them from the right quarters (can't say I've listened to the R&B / Hip-hop ones!) - but this is the first one I've actually posted here ...

Charlene Soraia - 'When We Were Five' by Sainted PR

It's by a lovely young lady called Charlene Soraia for who this is the debut single (after a few self released EPs) and comes out on August 9th. It's a very, very lovely song. Beautiful in-fact. Give it a listen for yourself.

I haven't decided if I should post PR speech too much - it's not really my thing - I tend not to be articulate and if I like something say I like it and don't need to describe "vivid landscapes" or whatever... Still here goes (what a load of waffle that sentance turned out to be!)... If you don't want to read half the PR turn off now.

(PR) At six and a half minutes long, ‘When We Were Five’ is not your average single, in fact 21 year old Charlene Soraia doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word. From its hushed opening bars to its intricate chord progressions and trumpet flourishes, her debut single flees from the orthodox and hides in the darkened corners of a world of a vivid imagination.

Charlene’s skillful (self taught) mastery of the guitar and delicately delivered, emotive vocals paint an almost surreal musical landscape that sounds something like an audio described sun-set, screaming in sadness for the loss of the day. Her avant-garde approach to songwriting, creative use of tempo and exquisite ear for melody create a thoroughly original take on the traditional ‘single’. This impressive debut looks set to both melt hearts and warm them at the same time when it is released at the end of the summer. And will surely whet a few appetites for her album ‘Moonchild’ due to follow in October, which promises to be a perfect soundtrack for the falling leaves of Autumn.

The Mynabirds - "What We Lose in the Fire" Album Review

Another group who are taking some fantastic measures to make you want to part with your cash instead of downloading their music illegally are The Mynabirds.

There are some fantastic deals going on in their own store here - I went with the $45 option and it really is wonderful. For about £35 inclusive of shipping I got a vinyl / CD / signed personalised picture / tie / t-shirt / buttons / stickers / poster and a notebook.To me is an incredible deal.
Released through Saddle Creek who were very helpful with my order too. Cheers Nate.

Obviously "a good deal" depends on the music too, that doesn't disappoint. For proof you can listen to the amazing Number's Don't Lie below.

Laura Burhenn has crafted an exceptional album, with obvious hints towards Motown soul music and glimpses of Americana Country What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood is a fantastic way to spend half an hour - The aforementioned "Numbers Don't Lie" along with "What we Gained in the Fire" and the more up-tempo stomp of "Let the Record Go" are the first three songs and introduce the themes of the album perfectly (you can download a live version of those three songs from the link below).

This record is very much worthy of the 8.0 Pitchfork rating it received.
The soulful, affecting songs continue with "Give it Time" and the wonderful "Ways of Looking" further stand-outs. However, make sure you do not let the album prematurely as the beautiful closing song "Good Heart" sound not be missed.

8.0 / 10

The Mynabirds- Tiny Desk Concerts for NPR


1. Numbers Don't Lie
2. Let The Record Go
3. What We Gained In The Fire

Cold Cave #3 - Live at Terminal 5, New York

Another short set, this time from Cold Cave, another one time Editors support and another fantastic live act. This one is from the back end of last year.

I'm really looking forward to Cold Cave's UK return. I didn't really know them before they were annouced for Editors' March tour and I know they won over quite a few fans on that little stint. Love Comes Close really is a fantastic album and I hope they can continue it with whatever comes next.

Cold Cave - 21st November 2009 Live at Terminal 5, New York, NY
I.C.D.K 4:38
Life Magazine 2:59
The Laurels of Erotomania 3:43
New Track 5:28
New Track #2 2:39
Love Comes Close 4:29
Theme From Tomorrowland 5:23

I LIKE TRAINS #2 - New Album News

Big new today from the I LIKE TRAINS Camp - see below or click here. Basically getting digging in your pockets. I want one of those sexy vinyl boxsets - 100 need to be ordered before we can get one, so get maxing out your Mastercard!


Friday, 2 July 2010

Zola Jesus - New Music "Introducing" & Tour News

I've been in love with Nika Roza Danilova aka Zola Jesus for a little while now. Her latest release (following last years The Spoils and few other EP's / split releases) is the Stridulum EP which came out earlier this year is one of my favourite releases of the year (just listen to Night below to see why) it's getting re-released on August 23rd with a few extra tracks - see Rough Trade for more.

Stridulum is a lot more assessible than the previous material I think, but this is dark, dramatic and foreboding music to fall in love with.

Even NME are in love with her, even NME have taste sometimes it seems (actually I'm being harsh - since the relauch NME has had some great bands featured in the Radar section including TJF)...

UK TOUR DATES - cannot wait for CAMP Basement.

Tue 31-Aug-10 UK Brighton Freebutt
Wed 1-Sep-10 UK London Camp Basement
Thu 2-Sep-10 UK Manchester Deaf Institute
Fri 3-Sep-10 UK Leeds Nation Of Shopkeepers
Sat 4-Sep-10 UK Glasgow Indian Summer
Sun 5-Sep-10 UK Edinburgh The Roxy Art House
Mon 6-Sep-10 UK Glasgow ABC1 (supporting Fever Ray)

Wed 8-Sep-10 UK London Brixton Academy (supporting Fever Ray)

Watch the mesmerising videos below.



Tennis - New Music "Introducing"

Tennis - South Carolina from woodsman man on Vimeo.

Watch the video for the lush debut single from this American duo.
It's coming out on 7" mid July, there is no point me linking it because it's already sold out! Expect more from the husband and wife duo from Denver very soon.
I'm posting more and more American bands that haven't come UK side - if you read this - please do!

You can listen to the equally lovely Marathon below.

Tennis - Marathon by morrisday

Family Trees - New Music "Introducing"

Family Trees -- Dream Talkin
1. Dream Talkin
2. Baby Come Back
3. No One Will Ever Know
Spiel - Dream Talkin is the debut 7" from Brooklyn's Family Trees. Their breezy tunes will make anyone dream of spur of the moment beach trips. This 7" is limited to 400, pressed on clear vinyl and comes with a FREE digital download card.

I Say - This is quite lovely - In the vein of Beach House's latest and of course  Beach Boys and quite a few of the chilled out American Lo-Fi / surf bands that are becoming popular at the moment (that's no bad thing) - this is inspired summer pop by Family Trees from Brooklyn (seriously just how many bands that are great can Brooklyn keep producing!).
All three tracks on the 400 only release on clear vinyl 7" (order from the link above) are delivered with care free vocals and with gentle guitar riffs which is just swoonful, lovely and charming throughout it's brief seven minute duration. One to watch.

Here's a few demos / free downloads from the band off their Windbreaker EP. You can buy that on CD-R here.

Dream Talkin 1:50
Brother 1:27
Friend Friend 1:35
Teenage Eyes 2:14
Under The Sun 1:31
Never Forget 2:19
Do You Ever Wonder? 1:52
Dream Dream 2:11

More proof can be found in this delightful little video for one of the tracks off the single:

FAMILY TREES no one will ever know from amanda finn on Vimeo.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Dirty Projectors

I think anybody who saw Dirty Projectors at Glastonbury will be raving about them - the show was that good - I'm glad it was at it meant missing Stevie Wonder - I don't regret the choice, especially as I wasn't seeing their London show as I was at Glasto. They were fantastic.

They have just release an EP with Bjork - get it here.