Thursday, 28 October 2010

Alessi’s Ark #2 - The Wild Honey Pie Sessions

Alessi's Ark records some lovely charming folk songs and her gentle breezy vocal is hard not to like if you are into female guitar folk.

Her last EP 'Soul Proprietor' was released by Bella Union early this year. Go and get it. She recorded a lovely little session for US site TWHP. If you head over to their site you can download the full three sons session as mp3's here. Below is a little sample.

Alessi's Ark - Shovelling (The Wild Honey Pie Sessions) by morrisday
One of the videos:

Bird Song - Alessi's Ark (TWHP Session) from The Wild Honey Pie on Vimeo.

Zola Jesus #8 - Live in Paris

This is a nice recording from Paris where Zola Jesus supported the equally awesome Fever Ray (to follow). If the amazing "Poor Animal" was on her 'Stridulum II' LP I think it would be nailed onto get my album of the year, thanks to the wonders of mp3 it is on my iPod!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sharon Van Etten - Epic Album Review and Smiths Cover

I've flirted with posting about Sharon a couple of times, finally I decided it was time for her own post.
Make sure you check this She Keep Bees post for a link to a wonderful live recording.

I couldn't really do Sharon Van Etten as a "new music" thread as she's just released her second album 'Epic'. Whilst it's not a term I would use to describe her music, the quality of the material portrayed makes 'Timeless' a better choice.

Lyrically the overriding feeling is that of love and  heartbreak, dealing with the aftermath of a romantic break-up. However, instead of turning into a sad, defeated victim the lyrics show signs of strength and resilience.
The biggest strength of the album for me is the vocals, throughout they are simply stunning, Sharon's husky gorgeous voice goes through an amazing range of over the course of the album, melancholy folk, up-tempo alt-country, pure driven pop, rock and even a little experimental all within half an hour.

"Peace Sign" the most urgent track and carries a political anti-war statement housed as a rock song, the country-tinged "Save Yourself" would fit straight into any Nashville barroom.

Though 'Epic' is pretty short for a full length record at just seven songs and half an hour in length, it does save the best tracks for the later half of the record. The highlights for me are the instantly assessable "Don't Do It" along with the bluesy feel of "One Day" and finally "Love More" which closes the LP with a slow burning harrowing beauty of a song full of shimmering harmonium and heartbreak with a wonderful emotional climax.

The only soar point for me was the over-long "DsharpG" which starts off promising with a weary atmospheric but stays a little one dimensional for its six minute length.

Full of emotion and sentiment 'Epic' is beautifully crafted, the seven songs capture different moods and highlight the amazing talents of Sharon. A future masterpiece could be brewing if SVE can build from this second outing.

8.2 / 10

Hear Sharon cover of The Smiths' "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me" below:
Sharon Van Etten – Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me by morrisday
and from 'Epic' "Don't Do It":
Sharon Van Etten - Don't Do It by morrisday

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Deer Tracks - New Music "Introducing"

It's a mixed feeling when you discover a band thanks to another persons gig review, half grateful feelings because you've found another band that make you stop for a second but also half "why the hell didn't I know about these earlier, so that I could have gone to that gig"... well that's exactly how I feel about The Deer Tracks.

I've come to like three or four artists at least directly due to the endearing posts from Anika in London as well as her relentless gig schedule. Scary Mansion for sure, I think maybe even She Keeps Bees.
Well The Deer Tracks are the next band, she saw last week in London and their track "Yes This Is My Broken Shield" is epically amazing.

I've put them down as "new music", although their album 'Aurora' came out in 2008, there is a new EP (order) out now too. Check it out. Listen to the seven minute wonder from the debut below:

The Deer Tracks - Yes This Is My Broken Shield by morrisday

The Joy Formidable #7 - Spectrum (Acoustic)

You are running out of time to get on The Joy Formidable bandwagon before they hit the mainstream. I have no doubt whatsoever that by this time next year they'll be playing venues of the size of Brixton or higher. Therefore, get involved on the Feb tour and see them in smaller rooms whilst you still can.
The best live band around in my opinion.

Firstly though, here is wonderful acoustic version of a song from the forthcoming album that has become show opener on the NME tour; "The Everchanging Spectrum of a Lie" originally broadcast for the Huw Stephens and Bethan Elfyn Show, BBC Radio Bangor on 20th May 2010.

The Joy Formidable - The Everchanging Spectrum of a Lie (acoustic) by morrisday

Monday, 25 October 2010

Kitten - New Music "Introducing"

Sometimes it's good to research gigs for the week ahead. A band I recently covered Ramona play Camden Barfly this Friday (tickets £4) for a late Fly Magazine show, the headline were a band I'd not come across before called Kitten.

They are from Los Angeles and are currently in the UK for a few show such as the one above and a support slot for Twin Shadow on Thursday.

If you are quick, before 1st November you can download the entire five track Sunday School EP for FREE right HERE.

It's good. Their sound has a pretty yet straight forward female led indie pop vibe with an edge of punk which seems to tick my boxes. I was amazed to read the age of guitarist / lead singer Chloe, she has a great voice that's for sure. Whether her age will be the catalyst to the main stage the sound and maturity portrayed in this EP highlights time will tell, it seems record labels like a unique selling point these days, it's certainly one of them - fear not I'm not turning into Simon Cowell, the band wouldn't be appearing here if I didn't think this was good, there is also a lot of potential here.

Listen to "Kill The Light" below:
Kitten - Kill The Light

and a video of Chloe doing a Cat Power song "The Greatest" - I told you her voice was good. 15, Jesus:

Kitten » Cat Power from The Voice Project on Vimeo.

The Joy Formidable #6 - New UK Tour Feb 2011

I planned on uploading the remainding two recordings of the nme tour over the weekend, but alas I have not yet. They'll come soon enough, the Brighton recording is amazing too - make sure you get it.

The album is titled 'The Big Roar' and is due the second or third week of January, Ritzy confirmed a few details of it on the xfm interview last week, it's now confirmed that "The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade" makes a reapparence on the album, I'm glad myself because it's the track that got me into TJF.

I was expecting more album news before the new tour annoucement, but no, we've got some new dates below, have spent a big chunk of time already planning where I'm going:

London Gig Guide - October - November

According to Blogger this is my 501st post, hope you found something worthwhile in at least one of the previous five hundred!

I still feel rough as anything, so I'll probably keep this one briefer than the last one, miss some out and probably need to edit it, however, here is a guide to the gigs I think you should be going to over the next 30 days or so (in London).

Gig on the month last month is pretty easy, The Joy Formidable, take your pick of Cardiff or Brighton. I think Brighton was the better show and Cardiff the better crowd, so both. Runner up - Soap&Skin last Monday at Union Chapel, I actually did a review of that one, one week later I'm still thinking about it. It was that intense, that good and also that little bit uncomfortable.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

The Horn The Hunt - New Music "Introducing"

I came across Leeds band The Horn The Hunt whilst trawling reviews, a couple of decent reviews later and I was on their myspace, a couple of songs later and I was buying their debut album off iTunes, a couple of days later this appears. Just goes to show the wonder of music and the Internet for me.

It's got a similar vibe to Zola Jesus, of whom I am deeply in love with! Mix Zola Jesus, The Knife and Portished and I don't think you are too far away.

This is some excellent dark electro pop, seems it's my favourite genre at the moment! This isn't mainstream dross, it's interesting and creepy, compelling yet insane. "Raptor" combines an eerie haunting vocal with an atmospheric rumbling drum beat and catchy bassline with added presence of hand-claps running throughout, this is a bold statement of intent. It's the first single from the forthcoming 2011 release, 'Depressur Jolie'. Buy the single (out 1st November).

Want Proof? Take a listen to "Raptor":

Friday, 22 October 2010

She Keeps Bees #3 - Live on NYC Taper

It's all quiet on news from one of my favourite acts of 2010, She Keep Bees. To tide me other a little longer the wonderful NYC Taper has been busy recording them again, (following on from a support slot with the one and only TJF in May) this time the set was for NYCTapers very own CMJ night.

It's a short set at 26 minutes, but the sound quality is amazing and it's Jess and Andy so therefore it is amazing. Go and download the set directly now.
That was a support slot for another wonderful Brooklyn artist, Sharon Van Etten, get her set from: link

They are sadly missed in London, the sold out show at The Lexington in March was one of the years best. Such brilliant songs, performance and stage banter. Can't wait for more.

Hear them do a song together:
She keeps bees and sharon van etten - cuddle alone by morrisday

and a sample of the amazing She Keeps Bees album 'Nests':
She Keeps Bees - Gimme by morrisday

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Let's Buy Happiness #4 - Amazing Sessions

I know I posted about Let's Buy Happiness just yesterday, but I decided to post them again because a new rather wonderful session turned up and it includes a couple of new tracks for you to listen to...

Head over to Amazing Session's and you can listen to four tracks: I've posted one below, my favourite "Clean Mistake".
This version is fully electric, rather than the beautiful stripped down one I posted yesterday - it's brilliant, here we get to hear their trademark jangly guitar flowing into a soaring finale of funky epicness.

Another new song "Fast Fast" is great too. A flurry of percussion and (of course) sparkling guitar lines. LBH seem to have a found a production line of indie hits, clearly it's somewhere in Newcastle.

Then we get both sides of the new single "Six Wolves" - I think these session versions are even better, a little more tempo which allows the tight percussion and shimmering guitars really to come to their own alongside Sarah's distinctive ethereal and gorgeous vocals.

I've not seen the band since their opening of the John Peel stage on the Saturday at Glastonbury, seeing them again has risen up my agenda greatly! These new songs made the words 'album next year' seem very exciting!

Here is the amazing sessions version of "Clean Mistake":
Let's Buy Happiness - Clean Mistake by morrisday

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Blindness - New Music "Introducing"

It's great buzz discovering new music, I guess that's the main reason I do this blog... I was recommended Blindness a few weeks back but it took me until the weekend to get around to listening to them, I wasn't disappointed. They have an EP available on iTunes now...

Title track "Confessions" is probably the best track of the three, it has this relentless beat and is a real monster while "Broken" ticks along with a wonderful droning mechanic bass. Blindness are dark, fierce and right in your face. You'll want to nod your head and turn up the volume on the stereo.

Lights on Moscow - New Music "Introducing"

When I found out that Hazel from Lanterns on the Lake had a site project Lights on Moscow, my heart skipped a beat with excitement. My heart knew this would be good, my heart was right.

Hazel's voice is one of the most gorgeous things in the world and the exquisite piano led song "Spirits Around My Bed" is heartfelt and beautiful.

They play their debut shows at CMJ in New York this week. EP details to follow when I have them.
They've offered a song “Lord, Let Me Know” of their forthcoming EP for free: This is wonderful too, Hazel's vocals combined with a subdued fuzzy guitar and excellent gentle melodic drum beat. Excited for more.

 Listen and download:

Lights on Moscow - Lord Let Me Know by morrisday

Edit - sorted links to correct pages!

Let's Buy Happiness #3 - Single release & Session

Let's Buy Happiness released their first ever phyiscal release this week, the limited to 500 7" "Six Wolves" - you can get it in an array of packages from the band's website above.

Stricken City and Let's Buy Happiness are vying for my favourite new indie pop act crown, I'm still on the fence for who is winning, I'll call it a score draw!

The band recorded two songs for a session I'd not come across before called 'The Mahogany Sessions' - go here to watch both songs.

As well as a wonderful acoustic version of the single, the band did a new song called "Clean Mistake" and it is possibly the best song I've heard from Let's Buy Happiness so far, in this raw acoustic form it is just wonderful, Sarah's vocals are the most delicate and beautiful I've ever heard them.

Here is a stream of the single to enjoy, the signature of Let's Buy Happiness for me are the gorgeous vocals of Sarah Hall and the shimmering textured guitars, both on display here:
Let's Buy Happiness 'Six Wolves' by letsbuyhappiness

Here's a track off the first EP for you to enjoy, you can get the full EP from the bands bandcamp;
Let's Buy Happiness - Devil Show by morrisday

Terror Bird - New Music "Introducing"

I've been saving back this post for a while... For reasons that I'll come to another time...About two months ago I came across Terror Bird, a Canadian duo from Vancouver, featuring Nikki Never on vocals / keys and Jeremiah Haywood on drums... I was blown away from the outset of the first song I heard "Shadows in the Halls".

To pigeonhole the sound (something I hate to do, as I'm rubbish at it!) it's dark synth art pop / lo-fi electronica sound, not too dissimilar from some of Zola Jesus' earlier material but with Nikki's wonderful melodic vocals.

The lyrics are generally touching, moody and dark but when required they manage to capture a catchy choruses such as on the aforementioned "Shadows..." which results in a huge tune made by the sweeping synths, the drumming tends to be understated and low in the mix, where the main focus of the songs are Nikki's voice and lyrics.

The wonderful "Shame is on Your Side" sounds like a bombastic 80's revival romantic pop song a la Cocteau Twins but contains some dark lyrics that defy it's indie pop sounds. "Sometimes it seems like I speak a different language then everyone else // I flatten here alone, debasing on the floor // Everything slips through my fingers, but do you?"...

"We Were Monsters" is just exquisite, a heartfelt yet chilling song, the lyrics are really emotional and touching. I tried to quote a sample, but it ended up being almost the whole song;
So, just listen to it below and fall in love with Terror Bird yourself... To be continued...

Terror Bird - We Were Monsters by morrisday

Terror Bird - Shame Is On Your Side by morrisday

Head over to to get an Bedroom Pop EP for FREE

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Soap&Skin #2 - Live at Union Chapel Review

I saw Soap&Skin at Union Chapel last night, I walked out completely speechless.
Anja Plaschg is one of the most talented twenty year olds you'll ever witness. How she is still relatively unknown in the UK I have no idea. Her songs make Florence, Marina and co seem like a Channel Five production.
Last years 'Lovetune For Vacuum' is a masterpiece, her delayed show at the wonderful Union Chapel was a must see, the anticipation was evident and with the addition of an ensemble promised to make the concert "gig of the year" potential...

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Her Name is Calla #2 - Interview with Sophie Green

Her Name is Calla's debut album 'The Quiet Lamb' is utterly majestic. The bands thoughtful and considered approach to songwriting really pays off and rewards the listener with a slow-burning emotional journey.

The painstaking attention to detail during the records creation results in a complex layered sound which will take your breath away. The 17 (seventeen) minutes of "Condor and River" simply pass in an instant as you are immersed in its grandeur.

Sophie Green was kind enough to take the time out to answer some questions for me. Thanks, Sophie!

Memoryhouse - New Music "Introducing"

Canadian duo Memoryhouse release their second 7" “Caregiver” on December 7th - Link -

It is a gorgeous piano led ballad with quiet thrusting guitars, delicate beautiful and picks up nicely from their first single release 'Lately'.
You can download a free EP 'The Years' from this link

...and a live cover of My Bloody Valentine 'When You Sleep' link

Memoryhouse - Caregiver by morrisday

Memoryhouse // "Lately" from Church and Steak on Vimeo.

Museum Of Bellas Artes - New Music "Introducing"

Museum Of Bellas Artes debut single "Watch the Glow" is out on 7" next week (buy) and is limited to 300 copies. It's great, with it's foot-stomping beat and huge chorus. This might even make me dance if it came on in a club. Might.

Their debut UK show is on 9th November for White Heat at the wonderful Madame Jo Jo's.


Museum Of Bellas Artes - Watch the Glow by morrisday

The single's B-side is a cover of "Who Do You Love" reminds me of Summer Camp, which is a good thing: Watch below:

Friday, 15 October 2010

Seapony - New Music "Introducing"

Seapony have been around for a couple of months, hailing from Seattle, US; it's hard not to like their sound which is girl indie-pop beach-surf, not too dissimilar to Best Coast.
Their first ever 7" is released on 15th of November via new and promising label Double Denim. Limited to just 300 copies "Dreaming" is a must if you like 70's infused lovely pop music:

They have four songs available now, the 'Seapony EP' is available for free download via bandcamp.

Give them a listen:
Seapony - Dreaming by morrisday

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Zazie Von Einem Anderen Stern - New Music "Introducing" + Album Review

Zazie Von Einem Anderen Stern; the name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but the German "unconventional" classical pianist has produced a stunning debut album entitled 'regen:tropfen' (rain:drops)..

Now classical music is not my thing at all, and I mean at all, let alone one where the few vocal tracks are in German. However, this is quite astonishing.

'regen:tropfen' is breathtaking - I've used that word twice in two days and I meant it both times.
From start to finish you are transported on a wholly emotive and absorbing journey, I love albums that are a complete experience and "regen:tropfen" is just that, no quick singular download from iTunes here.

Evi Vine #2 - In This Moment

I've not really moved on from yesterday, in fact I've not listened to much else other than the Evi Vine tracks I posted yesterday, those are early demos, this post is a one track preview of the album.
I don't need to tell you that it's stunning...

Evi Vine - in this moment by morrisday

Here is the tracklisting for the album "..and so the morning comes" - an order link as soon as I get one...

1. The Dreamers
2. Inside Her
3. I let you leave
4. The colours of the night
5. Down
6. In this moment
7. Kiss
8. Time flies…
9. All the beauty

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Evi Vine - New Music "Introducing"

Evi Vine is a new discovery for me, I listened to her (and her album) for the first ever time yesterday, her album sent shivers down my spine with its raw emotive power and heartwrenching beauty. There were a few harp tracks that were just stunning. I cannot wait to listen to it again.

It's one of the greatest feelings when music makes you stop in your tracks; you think; "How the hell have I not discovered this before"... Recent example for me are Holly Miranda's version of Etta James' "I'd Rather Go Blind", Anais Mitchell's Hadestown, Wildbirds & Peacedrums live and of course my on-going love of TJF and Caitlin. Add Evi to that list...

Do not ignore this post and to give a few of the tracks posted below a listen...

Caitlin Rose #12 - New Single and Session

Hot on the heels of "Shanghai Cigarettes" 7" release (BUY), Caitlin Rose today announces details of her new single "Learning To Ride" which is released on the 29th November via Names Records.

"Learning To Ride" is one of my favourites off the album, a gentle beauty of a song that Caitlin effortlessly swoons through. No news of B-Side yet, hopefully a new song!

Here's a nice acoustic version:

Throughout the tour Caitlin covered a few different songs, one of them was Randy Newman's "Marie".
Courtesy of we can watch one of them (she also did Shangahi if you go to their site)...

BANDWIDTH / CAITLIN ROSE / Marie (Randy Newman) from Bandwidth on Vimeo.

Caitlin Rose #11 - Live at The Social

Photo from Kmeron

First of two Caitlin posts, I was going to do it as one post, but it was pretty long that way...
Caitlin and (full!) band will return to the UK for a gig at XOYO and the rest of the 'Twisted Folk' tour up and down the country which takes place in just a month! Can't wait. Full dates.

Here is a recording of Caitlin's Social gig last week...

Monday, 11 October 2010

Blue on Blue - New Music "Introducing"

Sorry I was AWOL over the weekend, I was busy living a real life for a change!

Anyway, London shoegaze act Blue on Blue have been filed on my 'To Listen To' favourite lists for a few months, I'm glad I finally clicked on the page because their sounds made me go all fuzzy and warm on a lovely Monday afternoon when I'm stuck inside.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Zola Jesus #7 - Poor Animal - New Single

Another quick news post, far too busy this week - hopefully will start going through some new music soon.

If you've read this blog for a while, you'll know I'm pretty faithful to the artist that I like, well Zola Jesus is certainly one of them...
Probably the gig I'm most looking forward to in the next four weeks is the ZJ / Former Ghosts gig at XOYO on the 1st of November- tickets: (I'm not sure how it's not sold out already!)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

No Joy #3 - UK Single Release No Joy / No Summer

The year is fast running out, after a great year for music the last few months don't have that many releases I'm anticipating.
However, one that I very much am is 'Ghost Blonde' by No Joy - I posted the details about that recently.

For us UK folks, we now have a release of the now sold out debut 7" No Joy / No Summer - it's frankly perfect and a guarantee amongst my end of year list.

Limited to 300 copies - get it from Sexbeat for just £3.00. Bargain.

Listen to No Joy:
No Joy - No Joy by morrisday

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Mountain Man #6 - Daytrotter Session

Head over to the Daytrotter website and download for FREE the full session by the wonderful Mountain Man, it includes TWO new tracks! That's surely enough excitement for one day. Go get it quick and study the Daytrotter archives too for more great sessions if you haven't been there before, you are in for a treat.

I'm hopeful the girls will be back in the UK before too long, I'm thinking a couple of special Christmas shows would go down a treat...

Here is one of  new tracks to listen to:

Mountain Man -Timmy's Point by morrisday

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Scary Mansion #2 - Chris Isaak "Wicked Game" Cover

A quick one, I'm not feeling very well today - beer festival Saturday is the reason!
Anyway, Scary Mansion were one of my early year discoveries. Leah Hayes's band are great, they played a few shows early Feb time if I recall correctly and disappeared since, well they've returned with a couple of covers, the second is of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" - it's quite a faithful cover but comes with Leah's gorgeous voice.

Get the Scary Mansion album 'Make Me Cry' - it's very, very good!
Scary Mansion - Wicked Game (Chris Isaak) by morrisday

Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Joy Formidable #6 - I Don't Want To See You Like This
Pre-Order 'I Don't Want To See You Like This' here.

Finally it's time for the NME tour, now well under way, but there are still two weeks of dates to go. We have the first recording to listen to. As you would expect, it's friggin' awesome! The Joy Formidable have to be the best live band of 2009-2010. Catch them near you whilst you can.

A rare treat in "My Beerdrunk Soul..." being aired for the first ever time (I think) as well as the new single (listen to a longer than previously posted version of that below and the out of this world "Spectrum"

Still no official date for the album, but it's likely to be January, so keep some money from xmas for that!

Here's the longer album version of "I Don't Want To See You Like This"
The Joy Formidable - I Don't Want To See You Like This by morrisday

Here's the video to the single:

Friday, 1 October 2010

Sweet Lights - New Music "Introducing".

Sweet Lights is Shai Halperin from Philadelphia. His songs are melancholic and beautifully arranged numbers throwing you back to the 70's.

You can listen to it in its entirety on the bandcamp link above... Try the wonderful "Are We Gonna Work it Out" and the beautiful "Waterwell".

Even better... (You'll need to act quick though) today (1st October) you can download the album for free. If not, it's still a very reasonable $5 for the full digital album.

Recorded and released by Shai, it's a highly impressive debut LP, that I've very much enjoyed listening to today.

The Mynabirds #4 - Live at Spaceland, LA, 7th September 2010

I've a great attachment to Laura's music under The Mynabirds name. She's produced a wonderful album and I feel that it deserves a lot of attention. Read back for a great interview and my album review...

Here is a ten track set drawn entirely from the album 'What We Lose In The Fire We Gain In The Flood'. BUY.
Like the Daytrotter session recently released, the material is possibly even better live, the songs really are brilliantly arranged and sound just great in the live atmospheric. Listen to "Right Place" for exactly what I mean - just breathtakingly beautiful.

Laura has some written some wonderful songs, her stage stage interaction is great, I really hope my live experience of The Mynabirds goes past these recordings and to a UK show!

Gem Club - New Music "Introducing"

'Acid and Everything' is full of sparse piano ballads with occasional string backing and to say it's beautiful is an understatement.