Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Zola Jesus #11 - Avalanche

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There are five or six albums due in September that I'm excited to hear, right at the top of that list is the return of Zola Jesus. Her 'Conatus' LP is due on the same day she plays London (26th September at Toynbee Studios). It promises to be a very special day indeed.

We've already had the first preview, the stunning "Vessel", that followed last week with a daytrotter session, you can download the brief two song set for free here. You can stream their exclusive take of a new track, "Avalanche" below, it sounds great on this live cut. Vast, dark depth and driven atmosphere and of course Nika's voice which. as ever is incredible, powerful and compelling. The version of "Trust Me" is great too, military drums add real menace to one of the more calm tracks from 'Stridulum'.

Stereogum have a nice interview with Nika here, I robbed the picture from their spread. Lovely it is too.

Zola Jesus - "Trust Me" (Daytrotter Session)
Zola Jesus - Avalanche (Daytrotter Session)

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  1. In the end I show you
    Visions of something I wasn´t used to
    And I gave all your love
    Fill my heart, fill my body with those
    And it all falls down
    And it all comes around
    And it all falls down
    Hand it over
    There is nowhere to run
    And I knew it would be hell
    Come back at me like you did
    Fill my hopeless soul with fire
    And I won´t know,
    no I won´t know who you are
    Coz´ it all falls down
    Yes it all falls down
    This is over
    And it all falls down
    And it all falls down
    And you never let it go
    Coz´ it all falls by