Saturday, 14 January 2012

Trust in Love - New Music "Introducing"

Sorry, I don't know where this one came from, I only had the song link saved in my draft folder so I'm unsure of its origin (my memory is that good). I'm going to guess via Music Fan's Mic as his post is the only listing a Google search came up with, "Transversal" is what I think is the debut track from Brooklyn artist Trust in Love. I've not got any further info either because I could find no further information besides the MFM post, God knows where he found this but well done to him anyway! I won't jump to any secret identify claims, it could simply be the artist is has nothing is set up yet....

What I care about, the music, is pretty spectacular, "Transversal", if it is the debut track, is one hell of an introduction, an hypnotic bass-line combines with rumbling beats and layers of icy synths that equally shimmer with optimism and seduce with enchanting beauty. The tender, soft female vocals are completely and genuinely gorgeous, one to listen to on those cold, lonely nights, a bit like right now then.

This irresistible introduction can be downloaded for free below:


  1. WOW!! This is so amazing. Massive cheers for this one!

    (Think the band name and song title got mixed up in this post though, from the looks of their soundcloud:

  2. Thanks Lin, you are right. That's what you get for writing blog posts past midnight!!