Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Woodpecker Wooliams - Sparrow

The first time I came across Woodpecker Wooliams (aka Brighton based Gemma Williams) was at The Great Escape in May this year, I didn't actually see her lunch time show at the wonderful Fishbowl either but I did see about six acts throughout the day and made a note to check out the other acts, when I came to listen to WW I found her bandcamp page and started with her gorgeous mini album Patryoska (and soon progressed to the equally wonderful Diving Down), both introduced a multi-instrumentalist / singer/songwriter through a series of magical folk fairytales, predominately harp led tracks drenched full of haunting ambience sung through Gemma's enchanting whispers.

Her latest work "Sparrow" though, is a whole new ball game. It seems someone has really pissed Gemma off, "Sparrow" takes those tired Joanna Newsom comparisons and rips them up with a brutal storm of bleeping electronic drones and god knows what else, pulsating through the oddness and rip-roaring hysteria "Sparrow" is one of the singles of the year.

The track is taken from Woodpecker Wooliams forthcoming album The Bird School Of Being Human due via Robot Elephant with special release shows being held in London and Brighton on September 7/8 - futher details.

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  1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. That is for sure, I happen to feel however that those brave enough to stride out into the world of creative work are destined to have to develop a thick skin. For as sure as there will be someone there praising those who dare to venture into new directions, test the boundaries, risk upsetting some and astounding others. there will be those who feel it would have been better for things to have stayed as they were. But then you can be sure someone else will come along to say, “Its just the same as before, its nice, good even, but there’s nothing new". Some may even switch off, move away, and go elsewhere for their thrills and adventures. But I applaud those who put and their work out there and ultimately a piece of themselves, take such risk, close their eyes, and take the leap. Its not easy. I’m not sure I would have the courage. But of the creative people I know be it directors, assistant producers, experimental theatre makers, poets, writers, puppet makers and song writers. Most of them stare failure in the face and their courage prevails to pursue what they find most challenging but ultimately love and are proud to be doing. I’m of the opinion we have one chance at life, my biggest fear is i’ll regret not living mine fully held back by my anxieties and fears I’m not good enough. I’m doubtful anyone like Gemma will have that same regret when they look back on their lives…but I’ll have to ask Gemma and my friends to be 100% sure for they are all human after all.