Friday, 9 November 2012

The Joy Formidable #17 - Wolf's Law / UK Tour

Remember that band I go on about a lot The Joy Formidable? Well they've just officially announced their second album and a UK tour which, for me at least, is pretty exciting news and given this blog is a vehicle for me to discuss the music I like, it means you're hearing about it too!

The Joy Formidable's second (official - though it could really be the fourth if you include A Balloon Called Moaning and the live album First You Have to Get Mad) album Wolf's Law has been dated for 21st January with a limited edition vinyl set (a super, bumper set has already sold out, even I was too slow for that) and standard editions available to pre-order now via their website, naturally I've already ordered mine, there are eleven tracks on the album in total (twelve if you include "Wolf's Law" on a separate 12" etched vinyl - tracklisting is here) of which I've heard almost half live already, definitely excited to hear the rest...

The full UK tour dates place in Jan/Feb/March of next year, the full dates can be found over on the405, it cumulates in the bands biggest ever headlining show at London's The Roundhouse on March 8th - tickets over here for that, I might be going to a few of them!

That's not it though, with a video for "The Ladder is Ours" also being released to mark the album announcement, with a rather Hollywood slow-motion introduction (where are the explosions behind guys?!) it turns into a adrenaline filled rocker with dust puncturing the air almost as much as Rhydian's bass.

My favourite band of the past however long and clearly my most anticipated release of 2013, not long to go now....

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