Thursday, 3 January 2013

Big Deal - Teradactol


I saw Big Deal play over a year ago now, they were *ok*, a duo with delicate acoustic instrumentals combining with entwined male/female harmonies, it should perhaps have ticked my boxes a little more than it did but sometimes it just doesn't, for little or no apparent reason.

This though, their latest single, does that and more. If you'd have told me this was the same Big Deal I saw perform live (I think at The Lexington) I'd have laughed at you. The track "Teradactol" is a completely different beast with Big Deal now a four piece, a colossal, fuzzed-up monster with galloping drums and distorted guitars howling around the ethereal harmonies.

"Teradactol" is the first track taken from the bands forthcoming second album and certainly has me salivating for more.


  1. I really like Big Deal. Saw them at a Bandstand Busk a couple of years ago. Nice to see they are getting a little attention, but I'm hoping the new sound doesn't completely swamp their style.

  2. It's interesting to hear from 'old' fans when a band throw a curve-ball track like this one. I definitely agree with what you say, a full album as murky and distorted as this will be hard to stomach for all, certainly some of their original 'acoustic' fan base.

    I do think it's their finest, most ambition track to date however.