Monday, 7 January 2013

Sophie Jamieson #3 - Waterloo / The Weight Comes


Since I last featured Sophie Jamieson late last year she's signed up to London's Folkroom Records (who put out her track "Dinah" on their Anthology 2 release) for an EP release due later this year and recorded a session for Ruth Barnes over at Amazing Radio, it's these two tracks that I feature below, I don't know if they are amongst the tracks for consideration on the EP...

What we do have are two (more) truly gorgeous tracks which further highlight Sophie's beguiling voice and beautiful, passionate song-craft, "The Weight Comes" with meandering acoustic plucks and deeper, stark vocalisation portrays the vulnerability in her lyrics perfectly, expressive and haunting in its simplicity, "The Weight Comes [down]" is a heartfelt track to heighten the senses and sooth the soul while around intricate melodies "Waterloo" is equally memorable and effortless. With the recording polish already delivered on Sophie's stand-out track to date "Dinah", you can't help but be excited for what the future may bring...

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  1. [3:27:00 PM | Edited 3:27:06 PM] Jeobz Samson: Those two are really Sophies amazing tracks. Such a fantastic song and I love listening to them