Sunday, 27 January 2013

Wanderhouse #2 - Sugar

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Unlike Robin at Breaking More Waves, I rarely use the music and sex analogy, if I did though, this track would surely be the sort of song I'd want on my playlist to "woo" the girls as it were (the reason I use the description 'woo the girls' is probably the reason I stay well clear of it too!).

"Sugar" is the second track by Los Angeles duo of Marie Moreshead & Doctor Rosen Rosen aka Wanderhouse and like the 'fucking gorgeous' "Use Me Up" it gets you in the mood for slow-love from the get go with smooth, muted sythns and Marie's sensual, whispy vocals.

I used the gorgeous word last time around but really there is no better word to use to describe this beauty, soft and gorgeous, download "Sugar" below.

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  1. Rather sadly there's been very little 'sex talk' on Breaking More Waves recently. This needs to be addressed.

    Even more sadly I don't think I've ever played a track to 'woo' the ladies, although I may have used the line 'come and look at my cd's' once or twice with varying degrees of success.