Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Haim #4 - Falling

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I often debate the necessity to post about bands that have 'made it' on my little blog, the chances of you discovering Haim here two months after they topped just about every 'tips for 2013' are minimal at best but here I am posting about the Los Angeles trio once more because they've (once again) come up with an absolute killer track...

Brimming with typical Haim confidence and adrenalin "Falling" combines all the attributes that have garnered so much attention so far, anthem like production, funk-laden hooks, gorgeous harmonies and tight rock guitars. Their topping of the BBC sound of 2013 list led me to read quite a few mumblings of dislike aimed at the act, something that was a bit of a surprise to me, I'd somewhat foolishly believed Haim had managed to win over almost all quarters. In my opinion the "back-lash" that followed was little more than playground squabbling - we can't all like the same thing, especially what's become popular after-all.

"Falling" is available now digitally with a 10" vinyl version released on April 1st - pre-order from Rough Trade - unfortunately there are only remixes on the flip-side. Expect UK dates soon.


  1. I also have the internal dialogue about posting about bands that have 'made it' but ultimately I think it comes back to the name of your blog - do you like the music or not ? If you do then why not post? It's one of the important differences between a 'fan' blog and blogs that just post about something because they're the latest thing. I like posting about acts that have 'made it' now and then and adding something to the conversation about the band in the text that maybe others haven't said (or just writing a load of food / sex analogies because that amuses me) this week I've written about a number of arguabally 'buzz' acts, but I like them so that sits comfortably with me. (Also in between them I sneaked in Siobhan Wilson who isn't buzzy and I suspect you may enjoy )

  2. Ha. I agree Robin. I always maintain this blog is more of a waffling journal of what I am listening to than anything else, so yeah, I think it's important to post whatever it is.

    I tend by my very nature, possibly somewhat more so because of writing this, to always be sniffing out new acts so I guess that leads to 'newer' bands featuring on the whole. Plus I don't really listen to old music aside from Queen, Prince and Meat Loaf!

    I shall check of Siobhan over the weekend - on a cheeky at work blog sneak.

  3. Another industry approved band. Poppets given a hipster make over ....Contrived and utterly bland and I felt the same before hey became big, absolutely nothing to do with them becoming hotly tipped (ooer) ... The Valli Girls ? Now they ROCK 4 real !

    But yeah of course we can't all like the same thing, which would be a bit dull :)