Sunday, 17 February 2013

Miniatures - New Music "Introducing"


Miniatures released their debut EP almost a year ago now but the New Zealand duo have recently expanded to a quartet and according to this site are ready to tour and release some new material which should come as good news if like me you've just discovered the band...

That debut (available to download for free via Bandcamp) introduces a signature shoegaze sound that bristles with excitement and beauty throughout. "Midwinter (Air)" whilst undoubtedly rough-around the edges gets your adrenaline pumping with an urgent rush of deliciously fuzzed-up guitar brutally soaring over hazy, shimmering melody, relentless drum beats and echoed vocals while "Glass Box", softer and dreamy meanders with gorgeous layers, the perfect juxtaposition of fuzzy carnage and cooing, drifting bliss.

"Things Better" and "Time Is" are both raw and in perhaps in need of some studio time but are both exhilarating and irresistible with screeching guitar dissonance weaving around popping melodies. It's free, go and grab it now then join the queue of people waiting for more...

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