by Gloria Hillman

3 Easy Tips in Gaining Weight

Author: Guido Kroemer

Majority of the people wants to lose weight rather than gain one. But it cannot be denied that there are people who needs to gain weight for their own benefit. Most of the time, these are the people who are into bodybuilding, athletes who need to bulk up, underlying weight issues or those who have had enough of their skinny self and gaining weight is a big problem.

Weight gain

Gaining weight does not mean eating all the high caloric food, and splurging on eat-all-you-can buffets. It is provacyl important to gain weight healthily - provacyl. Here are some of the reminders you need in order to gain weight in a healthy manner.

1. Choose healthy, dense foods.

Gaining weight does not mean you only have to count on the calories but also look at the nutritional value of the food. Eat a high caloric and carbohydrate diet with small amount of fats and protein. One healthy food choice is a dried fruit. The water is already removed in the process. Some of the examples are dried mangoes, grapes or dried raisins. Be sure that the dried fruits does not contain artificial sugar or added preservatives.

2. Eat 6 times a day

The body needs constant energy supply if you want to gain weight. Don't go 4 hours without any food intake. Your muscle mass will fail to grow if you let yourself starve. Eat in good intervals so you body has a consistent supply of energy.

3. Stuff yourself before bedtime

When you are sleeping, this is the time your body recuperates, heals and regenerates after a long day of stress. These processes involve burning calories even when sleeping, with that, make sure you have a good meal and pack yourself with high caloric diet. You can try a variety of pasta or munch on vegetables before sleeping. These are also healthy alternatives rather than sweets and starch because you wont have a feeling of being so stuffed right before going to bed.

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