by Gloria Hillman

How Green Tea can Prevent Cancer

Sipping in a cup of green tea gives more health benefits than you think. Aside from getting antioxidants and help in your metabolism, studies showed green tea has a lot of promise to your health. A study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that drinking black tea can cut the risk of developing ovarian cancer by 31%.

Aside from ovarian cancer, sipping in a cup of black tea a day can also decrease the risk of getting pancreatic cancer. An article was also published at the Cancer Epidemiology where Chinese adults were used as subjects. Chinese loves sipping tea and about 2000 people joined the study. The frequency and preferred temperature Chinese women likes to drink their tea were the basis for the outcome. The result showed about 32% of the women in the study has lower risk of getting pancreatic cancer hen drinking teas.

Aside from slashing cancer risks, it also reduces stress. A published study at the Journal of Physiological Anthropology showed that shaded white teas as well as green teas can help in calming down a person after a stressful day. An experiment was made where 18 adults were doing stressful tasks and were given green tea, shaded white tea and warm water afterwards. The result showed that teas reduce more stress rather than drinking warm water after a stressful and even a lackluster day.

Daily stress can lead to various health problems and one of which is high blood pressure. Having hypertension increases your risk to a more serious problem like stroke, heart attack, renal failure and others. The good news is, sipping teas can lower your blood pressure. Another study was published at the British Journal of Nutrition where people who had a daily intake of black tea for 12 weeks have lowered their blood pressure than those who drank the tea for a short period of time only.