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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Lissie #4 - "Black Cab Sessions" - "Hello" (Lionel Richie) Cover

I've not posted Lissie for a while, not overly sure why.
At the back of my mind I've a doubt that she's another Marina.
We had some initial tracks that were wonderful, then the album came along and it's a little over-produced and some of the initial charm has maybe gone - there is still some great material though: "Little Lovin'", "Everywhere I Go", "Oh Mississippi" etc.
Actually, I think I know what it is. "Cuckoo". It's just a bit naff and a weird choice for the next single in my eyes.

I do prefer the earlier live versions of "In Sleep" and "When I'm Alone" but on the album the still capture a wonderful Pop country vibe.
I do manage to see Lissie twice at Glastonbury, once a short set around a campfire (picture below) and the next day at The Queen's Head (picture left) she was great, truly great. I hope to see her play more acoustic material and hope she lets her voice really shine, it's a wonderful one, without doubt one of those sultry voices that can take your breathe away.
For example - What prompted this post was this:

Lissie from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.

If you can't get the video, I'm nice and have cropped the audio for your pleasure:

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Ten Bands You Should See at Glastonbury Part One

Okay, it's Glastonbury next week, here are some bands who I will be watching.

1. The National.
Where? The Other Stage - Saturday circa 17.15
Why? One of the best and most consistent bands of the last ten years. Their last three albums are consistently amazing, they are fantastic live and are a must see for anybody who thinks they like music.
Buy? As I said everybody should own Alligator, The Boxer and High Violet. The Virginia EP is essential for it's amazing live version of About Today too. Then there are also two more albums and an EP too.
Preview? See my other posts for plenty of live FM broadcasts / sessions - all of them are great.
More? /
Watch? You still are not convinced? Well watch this...

2. Lissie
Where? Playing twice The Park 12.50 Friday and Queens Head 15.00 Saturday
Why? Lissie will be massive next month, her debut album comes out next week and it's fantastic. The country-influenced album is breaktaking - don't believe me - listen to it here
Buy? Well her debut album Catching a Tiger is the best place to start - there is also an EP Why You Runnin'.
Preview? I've a few sessions added and a few more to come - search here.
More? /
Watch? Well you can fall in Lissie quite simply by watching this...

3. The Middle East
Where? Queens Head 21.00 Sunday
Why? Their EP The Recordings of The Middle East is just phenonemal. An Austrialian band that are very good. I've not seen them before live and am looking forward to the chance to change that.
Buy? So far the only material is the EP, a new album is due to land very soon.
Preview? I've not got any posts... yet...
More? /
Watch? Well you can see them live in the UK all July - get involved - ticket links on their myspace page and watch this:

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


On the verge of the big-time Lissie has many plaudits - recently Katy Perry(!) - I can see why, a very American folk/country sound and one hell of a voice - I think the next chance I'll get to see her will be Glastonbury but she is in the Country at the moment so check her out if you like what you see / hear (or both)...

and a cover of Bad Romance(!) Download the Mp3 HERE!