by Gloria Hillman

The Mysterious Trip Into The World of Psychiatry

Nowadays, a lot of people do not believe in the real existence of psychiatry as a science, so, many of us think that it is nothing more than just a pseudoscience, some imagined thing, or some science mostly based on hypnotism, etc. In fact, there exist a lot of different points of view. But in reality, psychiatry is a science in a medical field that is directly related to the human mind, its characteristics, functions as well as its inherent and complex nature. A psychiatrist is a specialist who deals with a great number of mental disorders or illnesses which mostly have a negative impact not only on the human mind but also on some organs of a human organism or the whole body simultaneously. The major responsibilities of a psychiatrist is to diagnose the state of health of this or that individual and if there are some psychiatric illnesses to treat them in a proper way. The most popular cases treated by psychiatry include different personality disorders, panic disorder, abnormally high pressure moods, insomnia, anxiety disorder, and many others.

There are true psychiatric professionals working all over the world. The most widely used service offered by these specialists is psychiatric counselling which suggests its patients professional help able to take them out of depressions, to correct personality disorders of different kinds, to remove such an unpleasant phenomenon as insomnia, etc. Nowadays, one of the most common problems of a great number of people is AIDS Phobia. Such a phobia may seem stupid to many people, however, there are some of them who possess few information about this sickness resulting in emerging of individual fear, panic and even mental or physical sufferings. In fact, there is a great variety of different psychic disorders and phobias, as well as schizophrenic cases and nervous disorders which need to be diagnosed correctly and further treated by a professional psychiatrist.

A very common and widely-spread psychological disorder is anorexia which has become extremely popular in the last ten years. This is a mental disorder characterized by a desire of a person to eat very little or not to eat at all because of the fear to get weight. At first, an individual has a huge desire to eat much, but in the course of time a person completely loses appetite. And here a more serious problem appears when an individual cannot return the appetite and each kind of food cannot be overetched and a person simply vomits everything he or she eats. The well-known idea of hour glass figure is becoming more and more popular with each year involving into its support an increasing number of young girls. Such a diet may have a terrible impact on the human body and even on mind. One of the most popular psychiatric disorders among young girls and women is Anorexia nervosa. Approximately 1% of all girls from the teenage category have this dreadful illness. By the way, very often boys also suffer from Anorexia nervosa (about 0.1% of all teenage boys). The disease itself is not even that terrible, much more disastrous is the impact of this illness on a young organism. Thus, many young girls and women receive infertility instead of getting a beautiful figure which may be built with the help of correct nutrition habits and making some sports. So, if you belong to the category of people dreaming of a wonderful appearance, at first think about your health and health of your children.

Other widely-spread mental disorders of nowadays include depression, confusion, fatigue, hallucination, hearing voices, anxiety, headache, erratic behaviour, and of course that of weight loss.

As you can see the subject of psychiatry has to do with the inner world of human mind. Everything going on inside the human is a direct consequence of a definite imbalance in the chemical content of the body. The matter is that our bodies have a definitely balanced chemical content, but some event or a series of events may change this balance, as a result an individual may receive different psychotic disorders. There are many factors which greatly influence our lives like the way of our thinking, our beliefs, our personal culture as well as the culture of the society we live in, our life experience, different pleasant and unpleasant situations of our everyday activity and a great number of other issues which do not only form our life, but also create our psyche, as well as our thought pattern. People's psyche may be deeply challenged and changed under the influence of various situations and circumstances. Here a psychiatrist comes to help you. This is a specialist whose professional task is to offer a patient necessary mental counselling and to prescribe a correct dosage of medicines able to return the primary balance of the human mind. Let medical treatment not scare you, it is just something necessary for opening the closed mind of the individual. In fact, the closed mind is the major reason of so many different psychotic disorders. This is the closed mindedness that brings many problems to the patient who is open to depressions of various kinds and further suffers from unpleasant symptoms of stable psychological disorder.

Another widely-spread terrible psychotic disorder is schizophrenia which remains a constant problem in the field of psychiatry for a long period of time already. Schizophrenia may characterized by an abnormal reception of the real surrounding world often perceived with additional or completely different issues which may be perceived by all five human senses- hearing, sight, smell, touch, and touch. Generally, people sick with such an awful disease as schizophrenia may have bizarre delusions, hallucinations, multiple and split personality traits, abnormality in speech as well as disorganized way of thinking, paranoia, and other psychic problems. Very often the earliest symptoms of schizophrenia may be long deep depressions as well as anxiety disorders. The state of schizophrenia may be result from substance abuse like using different kinds of hard drugs. Sometimes, leaving drugs may be the only means of a patient's treatment. No drugs no hallucinations. Other reasons of the appearance of such a disease as schizophrenia may be different social problems, including homelessness, unemployment, poverty and many others. Unfortunately, people ill with schizophrenia don't live long lives. Thus, the average life expectancy of people having schizophrenia is approximately ten years less of people who don't have schizophrenia. The major reason for living short lives is not even a bad state of health, but a high suicidal rate among people sick with schizophrenia. Usually, Schizophrenia may happen in one and the same family. But the reason for it is not heredity, it is mostly adverse families.

Delusion is one more widely-spread psychological disorder among people all over the world. There are different degrees of delusions. In fact, delusion is a state of the human mind when an individual relies on his personal idea about some issue of the surrounding world even though it may be completely wrong. Usually, such a person cannot be disillusioned, that is deny his wrong point of view even in case if very weighty correct proof will be demonstrated. Usually, an individual may think that some secret or conspiracy is taking place behind his back. Such a person becomes very mistrustful and even suspicious. Such things may take place not only at home but also in the working place of a person. Such a state may result in lack of rest, strange and somewhat abnormal behavior, as well as reckless reactions in the moment when the delusion receives a high level. For better understanding of the state of delusion let us give concrete examples of this psychological disorder. Thus some people may completely believe that they are Hitlers or Napoleons and behave in this way. When these states of delusions are not long, a person is easy to come out of this state, but more prolonged states require hard work and medical treatment of the patient. Psychiatry still studies these cases of psychological disorders.

As we have already mentioned there are different kinds of hallucinations. As for visual and/or auditory hallucinations they have occurred in the life of everyone of us when, for instance, we misheard something or heard something that didn't take place in reality. This may happen when a person is tired or hasn't had enough sleep. Nevertheless, there is great difference between normal and abnormal things. Abnormal things or real hallucinations have a constantly repeating character. Thus, an individual may often hear things or voices which didn't have place in reality or people may see something that doesn't exist in the real life. Such things cannot be explained by tiredness or lack of sleep, this is called hallucinations. As it was already mentioned drug abuse may be one of the reasons of appearing of hallucinations. So, if drug abuse will get the proper treatment an individual will be much stronger in fighting against hallucinations. People having hallucinations because of drug abuse may be easily and rather quickly treated with the help of definite psychotic substance in combination with psychological counselling and properly prescribed mild steroids and definite medicines.

Widely known Vydehi Hospital possesses The Department of Psychiatry which offers its patients excellent clinical care, as well as consultation services and different kinds of treatment. This department suggests its service not only to inpatients but also to outpatients using crisis and emergency services. The Department of Psychiatry in Vydehi Hospital emphasizes on the fast and efficient recovery of people having various types of psychiatric problems. The Department of Psychiatry possesses state of the art facilities and wonderful equipment for accomplishing different kinds of therapies, including Brain Polariser Sex Therapy, Aversion Therapy, Electro-convulsive therapy, Biofeedback Therapy Relaxation therapy, Multi Behaviour therapy, Electro-Sleep Therapy. This department has to do with various psychological problems and disorders. Such psychiatric service enables once sick people to improve their lives and to make their beloved people really happy.